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January 29, 2008


I was wondering why I had a considerable spike in visitors to my website this weekend...now I know.
Just wondering, how did you come across our site and the now infamous "Butt Glue?"
Kim from The Queen's Choice - Morgantown WV

Dear Kim --
Some guy named Matt Filar sent us the link. We have an enormous research staff.
The Blog


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Dave, would the enormous research staff be Walter?

I'm wondering if any of us actually bought the butt glue.

Anyone?? stevie?


Butt glue...not to be taken internally.

i did not buy butt glue from that woman.

Hey, the Sandusky Register was looking into making people subscribe to their silly little paper over our posts on their story forums. Needless to say we carry a lot of power out in blog land. *wonders how long before the presidential candidates figure this out and start pestering us*

hahaha...this is all too funny!! Come on people, there are thousands of young women across the country that compete in pageants. Some compete for scholarship money, the chance to live out a childhood dream or even to display their talent and speak on behalf of an organization they feel strongly about. No matter what the reason - they will compete on stage wearing 4 inch heels in a swimsuit, and in order to save themselves from any embarrassment they NEED the BUTT SPRAY. There are several different types which are used for various sports – but as far as pageants are concerned, this is the best product out there!!! Again, I will say this banter is hilarious and light hearted – so have fun and keep blogging…

and if you ever find yourself in need of some Firm Grip (whatever your needs) you know where to find it!!

Kim, does it come in Cuban ass???

Just don't get it confused with your personal lubricant of choice. Now THAT would be painful.

Sounds as if Kim has some personal experience with her own product. Please send pictures if this is the case.


Doc Rick (who does not speak on behalf of this blog or any of it's other participants)

Is it dangerous to sniff butt glue?

I personally promise to use Kim's site for all my future butt glue needs.

Pic for Rick.

THIS is why you need butt glue. And eye bleach.

That would depend, Danny, on whose/which butt glue one might be sniffin' ...

Kim. come back! We have questions ...

1) Do contestants apply their own butt glue? If not, who? Moms? Sisters? Fellow contestants? Pageant officials? Former President Bill Clinton?

1a) What's the proper etiquette for asking for help in this matter? Seems like "Hey, if I drop trou, turn around 180 degrees, and bend over, will you spray glue all over my butt?" would work fine, but, to my ear, it doesn't sound the way a ladylike beauty-pageant contestant should sound.

2) Is there Butt Glue Remover?

Kim probably had the time to notice the considerable spike in visitors to her site because she was stuck to her chair.

Ah, I fondly remember back in the day when the entire Blogette community would take a field trip to some unsuspecting blog, carry on our highly acedemic discussions of margaritas (before mojitos were the in thing) and butt butter, poke a few natives with a stick, then pile back on teh geezer bus and sail off into the sunset.

Kim's Firm Grip.
Is that the female equivlent to GI Joe's Kung Fu Grip?

Danny ... as to your second question, try this ...

I'm waiting for the bra strap glue.

fivver - SNORK!

Doc - you crack me up. Heh. I said "crack."

OtheU - OUCH!

Cheryl, I sorta like my trailer-trash look when ma bra straps show. Real classy-like.

Kim's Firm Grip.
Is that the female equivlent to GI Joe's Kung Fu Grip?

Posted by: The Dread Pirate Chris | 11:59 AM on January 29, 2008
Chris, if she's done her Kegels...yes.

I would buy bra strap glue.
P.s. We are not a blog, we are a research team.

The bot rejected my post as spam. If it says it is being held by the blog owner for review, will it never be seen again, or should I tweak it?

kim, wait!! i want to know what was used before the product. two sided tape? staples? crazy glue?


For the firmest grip of all, combine Kegels and cream cheese.

Siouxie, it's okay as long as your straps are pretty colours, right? I mean, we don't want to wear our granny bras with our tube tops. ;-)

There probably IS bra strap glue out there, but it would likely kill me. I get a rash from band-aid glue, I'd hate to see what this other stuff would do to me in places that I'd rather not think about having that problem!

damn bot

off to find bra strap glue

I just started running adsense on a blog.
What kind of entry would I need for it to generate an advertisement for Butt Glue?

So you're saying that
Kim's Firm Grip


Dang, I meant, Knew..
Another bad pun ruined!

KSP = Kama Sutra Position

Laurie - not that hard to find.

Actually, that "butt glue" is called Firm Grip and is great for keeping bra straps in place as well. Swimmers use it so they don't get wedgies, and models use it for the same reason. It can be used to hold straps or to stick a top or dress to your skin so that you don't have to tug on it all day. It's really a great product.

gjd, all my bra straps have purty colors.

I'd like to get some of 'em fancy schmanzy clear plastic bra straps.

Just a pinch between the cheek and buns ....


*SMACKS* Meanie!!

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! watch where yer pinchin'!!!

"wearing 4 inch heels in a swimsuit" sounds painful. Heck, I wouldn't even want flats in my swimsuit.

Hey, Jon, do you do Aikido?

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