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January 26, 2008


It's really rolling now.


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Well, I, for one, am completely convinced ...

(of whut, I'm not yet sure ... )

Heh. Dave said "jug".

Dave, There may be more folks in Fla than NH, but they're OLD folks. We in NH PURPOSELY put tiny cardboard boxes out on frozen lakes, drill a hole in the floor and then JUST SIT THERE, staring at the hole. We do this FOR FUN. We are tough. We have farm implements and we will KICK COUMADIN-THINBLOODED FLORIDIAN A$$!!!!!!



On Election Day, I will be wearing my Dave Barry for President tee shirt, and will be proud to write him in as my Presidential choice.

I got a Nyquil commercial and had to look around to find Dave's commercial. He should have brought up the fact that he plays in a really cool band full of famous people. There should have been a clip of him playing, too. That would get some votes!

When I clicked on Dave's post, my BlogBerry gave me this:

" Notes: The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the "defaultRedirect" attribute of the application's configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL.


I understand that about as well as I do the Florida primary system. (I hear Miss Kumquat is leading in the polls).

Geez, Meanie. The BlogBerry is obviously possessed, and needs to be smashed repeatedly against the wall. Also, you should get a friend who knows how to work that stuff. That's how I deal with all of my technical problems.

It's my only access to the blog right now, as our home Internet is on the fritz, so the BlogBerry-Wall rendezvous will have to wait. Plus it let's me blog while I'm riding in the car or otherwise not net-linked.

Good thing my company got this to enhance my productivity, eh?

Are you saying you need help with your "productivity"? Where's your hand again?

Are you saying you need help with your "productivity"? Where's your hand again?

Ummm...I posted twice....once for each hand? I'm on a foreign network here.

Oh dear, Dave didn't say he approved that message. He may have a clock, but since the message hasn't been officially approved..... um... I dunno. Apparently, "something" happens.

slyeyes, I'm sure that's part of his "plausible deniability" plan so he can claim something about it being a "consenting clock", etc.

Snork @ Auntie! Consenting Clocks WBAGNFARB.

What's REALLY funny about Dave's video is that if Dave actually ran for President...

He would win.

Right now my vote could go one of three ways. Ron Paul, Dave, or Walter; Jeff Dunham's cranky old ventriloquist dummy. Any of the three gets elected and America wins.

Novanglus, if more Americans had three brain cells to rub together, I think you'd be right.

On the other hand, I wouldn't wish that job on my worst enemy. Even a herculean sense of humor like Dave's couldn't hold up to that position.

Of course, I'm still wearing my Dave Barry for Prez T-shirt and voting for him.

http://www.davebarry.com/museum.html if anyone needs any, you know, dave barry for president STUFF ;)

SHAMELESS strumpeting, judi. Good job!

What judi sez.

Thanks for translating, dances. I'm going to bed now. Have lovely, Dave-as-President dreams!

Ha ha. He said juggernaut.

HEY ! Pypetad was down here and I had to go cold turkey without the Blog. Mr. Telecomdropout can tell you that the withdrawal is an ugly UGLY thing to see. Now I gotta go back to finishing the chores I started when the Blog was down.
(thanks, pypetad, for letting me FINALLY clean out that stupid closet I've been neglecting)

yeah, right.

Well, the video won't load for me...so I guess I'll get back to laundry.

Anybody else having trouble with the video link, go here, go down to the video box in the middle right, tag "playlist(4)" and select the DB video. I find the AP/Miami H. link to be Tancredo-ed (do Not select "view other MH video" as that takes you back to the fried link).

When Dave was reaching for the clock, I really thought he was going to bring out Walter!!!! LOL!


Guin: I thought that was just me. That would have made a really impressive video though few people off of the blog would have gotten it. Did Dave ever say he was going to use him as a running mate?

Hah! Finally got to see the vid.

*Awaits other candidates' concessions speeches*

Dave it's not clock. It's clack.

WOW! Dave is really making headway now. I think I heard a jump in the polls. I guess that this commercial sort of constitutes as an attack ad, as he said that all the people in Florida should beat up Iowa and New Hampshire. But shouldn't he be saying that they should beat up the other candidates?

auntie, what a great idea! i wasn't going to vote at all (just disgusted all around), but writing in dave as my candidate would be worth going to the polls for. thank you!

*zips in*™

Great promo, Dave! You look terrific, and the clock is a stroke of genius. :)

Dave. What time is it?

Novanglus, I hate to break it to you, but Dave just broke election law by having that political ad on the Miami Herald.com! He will certainly be disqualified immediately for his illegal behavior just like most candidates running for election right now would be if they were caught at something ilegal, including mostly the Clintons.

There are therapists in a spa who are willing to give customers a wild experience and this is really happening on many massage parlors.

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