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January 27, 2008


Cow Itch

(Thanks to Jan Berry)


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Rack band.

T'itch'field high-- it had to happen! and what the hey is cow itch?

We have a school in our area that closes periodically for bomb scares. Bomb scare season always seems to coincide with mid-terms and finals. Cow itch seems more imaginative.

Just so you know, what Jamaicans call Cow Itch, we call Oleander; sure, the sap from many plants can cause an itch, but you have to live on an island with no Poison Ivy, etc., to freak out about Oleander. You should see how the freak-out about "Gully Wasps" (millipedes)!

I wish I had known of such a plant back in school.

What a pun in the last line!

Or the Russian doctor who told the composer "That's all you have, Dimitri, just a cow itch"...

The Titchfield Itch WBAGNF an STD.

Cow Itch tree

Better pictures

From what I've read, it seems like a relatively mild case of poison ivy or poison oak exposure.

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