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January 30, 2008


Gecko-toe tape

Key quote: "This is a major milestone in the new field of gecko-inspired adhesives."

(Thanks to Chris Lawson)


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Well it is cool.

Gekko Toe Hairs would be a good name for a punk band.

Don't need it - my kids already climb the walls just fine.

snork @ annie

Does Batman know about this?? Those suction cup thingies are SOOOOOO outdated.

wouldn't butt paste do basically the same thing?

Cat burglars everywhere are eagerly awaiting the release of this product. Not to mention the fruit cakes who climb sky scrapers for fun.

OT- my 9-year-old says he wouldn't vote for a Republican because "they're arguing." (He was referring to their 'debate' at the Reagan Library today.) "At school, you get in trouble for that."

You know what's even funnerer than gecko toe tape?

Cat toe tape.

didn't kim's site have a product called camel toe tape?

Annie, whatever you do, don't let your son watch Fox News' sunday morning show. That show is enough to drive a person to emmigrating.

snork @ cg!

"The researchers say that such an adhesive could one day be used to outfit a small robot that could climb up walls."

And who among us has not wanted to outfit a small robot to climb up walls?

AWbh - how cruel, yet somehow hilarious. especially if you put them in the bathtub once said feet are taped.

LMAO cg! ewwww

crossgirl - bactrian or dromedary?
I think one of them requires duct tape.

Clarification - no kitties were hurt in the making of these comments.

So, are we eventually talking Spider-Man suit, here? Or would it be more appropriate to call it a Gecko-Man suit? Does Geico know about this?

So, are we eventually talking Spider-Man suit, here?

Well it'll probably used for post-it notes first.

Just think what Paris Hilton could do given this type of material. Or the porn industry at large.

*and yes, I am a dirty old man ;)*

But will it save me 15% on my car insurance?

*passes Rick the Geritol™*

I want their jobs. I had no idea that there were gecko researchers and specialists. I bet they are lots of fun at parties.

Yeah, and I'm willing to bet the Geckos got paid zilch for that brilliant idea.

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