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January 11, 2008


I am having a little bit of a problem figuring something out. The person who frequently submits things to the blog: Is their name FIVVER or FIWER?
I see it there on the web site and I'll be convinced it's FIVVER, but then, after looking at it for only, like, 5 second it turns into FIWER. I feel like I'm looking at one of those damn magic eye things. I'm scared if I keep looking it might eventually turn into Waldo.
So, my question is: How short is Dennis Kucinich?

Bryce Donovan

He is the same height as the "vv" in"fivver"

Dennis Kucinich Update (thanks to Miss V): This could be huge.


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Ve vill newer tell. Fiwer's secret is safe.

... but he's taller on the radio ...

O --
If he's on one of those newfangled radios that are only 1/2 inch thick, he's not noticably taller. Now if he is on a radio like I had growing up, he'd be a good six inches taller.


Hey! stop pickin on us short people. we will get U.

Two V's, or not two V's, that is the question.

fivver me timburs!

fiwer, fivver. Same thing.

It still looks like a w, even with "super zoom" font.

Someone* on this blog linked the other day to THIS, which is a little more worrisome.

*Don't remember who. Maybe it was fiuuer?*

If you stare at Dennis Kucinich long enough he starts to look like Waldo

If I remember correctly, the double U or W was also a V at one time. So I would guess that it doesn't matter.

Okay, but is the "i" long, like in "five", or short like in "fibber"?


1) copy and paste "fivver" into Word
2)put the cursor near the "vv" or "w"
3) it's a v v

i'll get on this after a fevv beer.

nmua ... well, if y'all stand them newfangled radios on one end, they get a lot taller ... tho I wuz actually thinkin' of the older models, back about the time this movie came out ... (1977) ... that's where the line came frum ... *climbs back on Geezer Bus*

I assumed he was a lisping fibber...with a limp...in the rain.

Yike. Got busy for a while and almost missed this. It's fi v v er. Rhymes with rivver...

DIdn't the modern "f" resemble the letter "s" in Revolutionary times. So, it could be siwer, or sewer.

fiv? would that be rivver or riwer?

I'vvvvve always seen it as "fi v v er" - please tell me my eyes aren't that bad.

Apropos of this (well, to the degree that anything on this Blog is ever anywhere near the original topic), how many of us on line for the Geezer Bus are starting to question whether something reads as "r n" or "m" in certain fonts and letter sizes?

*raises hand*

wasn't fivver one of the bunnies in "VVatership Down?"

Siouxie, yes.


Now Bryce can FINALLY sleep well at night.

Blue- That picture is awesome

Wait, I thought that was what work was for, Siouxie.

Yes...and wine, Bryce.

The ansvver is: "beer".

I thought fivver was a rabbit in Watership Down. You mean he's real?!

Kucinich is 61. The babe His wife is 30. And English. And apparently blind.

The Watership Down rabbit was fiver. (I checked.)

Oh, and Kucinich is 5'7" tall.

Fiver is the rabbit. Rabbits (according to Watership Down) can only count to five; any more is "hrair."

like the 'flick off' campaign
my wife's name looks like USA
and i can't read anything less
than a twelve font "what's that say?
let's see: r to the n
or is that an "m"? better check again...

thump thump thump

it just another damn reminder, (where's my bitch at? gotta finder) of all the years i've left behind -a stumblin' 'round i'm going blinder to tell the truth i'm getting tired you could say i'm uninspired that pudgy rump don't light my fire my marital situation is dire you know me i'm a instigator an opportunity creator but she say "try again later" but the kids is up later and later so we set the alarm like they do on the farm get up before the sun anticipating fun but you know that biology make a fool outta me now i gotta wake up at three 'n take a pill or two you see but i can't read the printing on the lable you'd think that i'd be able since the pills are for old folks you seen the commercials heard the jokes so i guessed i'd take a few make it last till i was thru didn't think that it'd turn blue the nurse was laughing too and brought her friends around to see the "iron man" got a handle like frying pan i'd report her for that disrespect but couldn't read the name-tag hangin 'round her neck which is what this raps about if you forgot just another damn reminder of how little time we got.

You'll always be "fiv(v)er" to me.

Mud, I'm sure that whatever you wrote is brilliant, but I'm too old to read without punctuation.

The real question is why do they call the letter w "double u" when it should be double v"

If you stare at Dennis Kucinich long enough he starts to look like Waldo

Posted by: ellie | 03:16 PM on January 11, 2008

But....that would entail staring at him. Not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent.

Guin, me too. I tried but just couldn't get past - well, I was going to say the first sentence, but I don't know t hat there really was a sentence at all. :)

fivver, I've always called you 5er in my mind. I don't know if I can switch to river. Is that OK? :)

*snork* @ mud! I've missed your raps!

Someday, we must introduce Eminem to mud.

Art, in French, w is double-v.

Thank you. I've secretly spent a year wondering if it's "fi-w-er" or "fi-v-v-er". I'll sleep better tonight. Until I read Mud.

mud - as ALWAYS - *SNOOOOORK!*

mud' ... after I copied that and pasted it onto my iWork page and then did "select all" and then increased the font size to 18 Bold so I could read it ... I thot it wuz VERY good — captures the moment, so to speak ... even if it seemed to be addresses personally to moi ownself ...

Art, some of us, when we use "cursive" handwriting, the double u does look like two "u"s. Just saying... And, Klez, the answer is "yes" - the yes and ears are both going. I'm sitting in the front of the geezer bus.

Add an "e" to the yes up there - it's my eyes that are giving me troubles, not my yeses - there aren't enough questions of pertinence to answer yes to lately, IYKWIM.

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