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January 04, 2008


"I honestly don't know how you will find the strength to go on."

We'll do our best, sir.


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Get to work, Judi!
On CNN: "Britney Spears taken to hospital for tests."

Bless you, judi!

*snork* at judi's sneakiness.

"Best" was THE best. MmmmMmmmMmmm... Is it warm in here?

Now that was just cruel, judi.

I think you mean "crual," Jeff. Annie has officially changed the spelling.

Thanks, judi, but that last one WAS mean. Keep up the good work!!


crew ill?

crue all?


(in best club-call voice)

go judi! go judi! go judi!

Tengo hambre por hombre.

judi!! good job!!!! (except that last one, but we'll let it slide).

and YAY I'm getting my new computer set up now at work!!!!

i'm not sure, but i think that maybe judi has a thing for BM. of course, she won't admit it, but to include him in that visual cavalcade of manliness was telling.

Hohum... I much prefer this.

Providing equal time to the other half of the population...

Not bad, Dread Pirate. Personally, though, I find most of the stuff hetero guys like to be too much "in your face" or raunchy. I prefer artistic au naturelle or, as above, "textile p@rn".

Who ever said that feminine crafts are boring?

It thinks I'm spam again...
Fine. Then I'll BE spam...

You cuming to our site-web and buying our nice products to mahogany your man's love.

DPC, that's a great idea. next season the Big Tuna will have the cheerleaders play football and have the team on the sidelines leading cheers.

Nice link, Dread Pirate. Now, where's that cold shower...?

pssst...Chris still doesn't get it. How do you 'eyeroll' in French?

"pssst...Chris still doesn't get it. How do you 'eyeroll' in French?"

No idea. I'd go with some sort of Gallic shrug.

Amer - if you've seen the Fins play lately, THAT's a cold shower. Ugh.

Who? If there are any Y chromosomes involved, the need for a cold shower will be due to hot flushes.

What's to get?

Leave it to a guy to find raunchy knitwear. ;-)

Okay...judi! The Blog trip is off to a great start!

*snorque* a Amer!

*snorkchokeonmygum* @ DPC

*grin* @ Amer

We're gonna need a bigger BOB.

*SNOORRRK* @ "Textile P0rn"

I know where we can get one, Annie.

Ummm...Siouxie told me.

*SNOORRRK* @ "Textile P0rn"

Afraid I can't take credit for it. Apparently it is a term used enough that a review of Elizabeth: the Golden Age (or, as we call it over here, l'Âge d'Or ;-) used it. The review made it clear it was a newish, but established term.

I immediately fell in love with the term, as it is soooo perfect!

It's a snorkarama, today!

I could use a few snorks today, if they involve alcohol! Make mine with vodka.

DPC's thong is made of....lick-her-ish?

from DPC above

"to mahogany your man's love."

is that what they're calling it these days?

Or bourbon. That's what my Dad always relied on for colds. I think I may be getting the flu. Drat! Didn't make it to the doctor before xmas for my flu shot!

Hmmm. Boring talk. Must focus on healthy, textile-related thoughts.

AIP - don't do it!! Snorking alcohol hurts!
Been there. Done that. Didn't save the wasted Scotch to proove it.

Le snorque at Annie!

I'll try drinking the bourbon then, DPC. Never want to waste Scotch or whisky or bourbon!!

*Waves belatedly @ Hammie!!!!* I've missed you this year so far. :)

Chris - brilliant link!

judi - thank you. :)

*Waves @ DD!!!!*
*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*
*Waves @ Annie*
*Goes back to knitting*

And personally - that men of libraries link will be making the rounds at MY library today!! :-D

Oh, yay, Hammie! I'm glad I didn't miss you today. :) *smooch*

*hands Hammie red Twizzlers® to knit a li'l something for her*

What? No wave for me from Ham on Rye? ;-)

*smacks Hammie for not waving at Amer*
Twizzle THAT, bub!

*WAVES @ Hammie & pokes him with a knitting kneedle*


What I don't understand about : WARNING: DO NOT OPEN AT WORK, OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G
If when I open these hunk-links at work, why would anyone ever think I'm gay? Feisty, perhaps, but certainly not gay.

*Waves @ Amer!!!!!!!!*


Enough with the waves. I'm getting mal de mer.

Hi Hammie!!

Hey Annie, my problem is the opposite. I think we need a new acronym:


Which is actually how I misread the original, originally.

*Waves @ Hammie!!!!*
You like being tied up with whips?



I dunno ... once again, the blog proves that people of widely divergent geographical and/or philosophical and/or linguistical and/or chromosomal backgrounds can actually agree on some stuff ...

I — for one — agree with AmerinParis on those visuals ...

Speaking of knitting... a while back one of you posted a link to Yarn Harlot (her story about the squirrel who likes to use her wool). I just want to say: gee, thanks! You have helped me to become totally knitting-obsessed!

I haven't actually DONE any knitting yet, but boy have I had fun looking at patterns, and I'm sure I'll start knitting something soon. I have to teach myself, though; however I do know the basic knit stich, which I learned as a kid.

And the inspiration is fab: for instance, you can knit bikinis...

Awww. Sweet pu er, kitty!

Our unabashed dictionary defines a cat-o-nine-tails as a pussy with attitude.

I'm just poking at judi, since the warning's acronym is directed at men only. I should really come up with a better suggestion before I pick on the warning. Though as an anachronism, it's funny.


Help! We've all been struck out!

Jeez, who crushed the dang blog?

Whew. Thanks, DD.

*snork* @ "unabashed" dictionary

Sorry, Mot, Annie. I didn't mean to ruin your posts!

Today is a GOOD simul day! A simul with DD and a 3 way with DD and Annie a minute later!

I need a nap.

I am so upset that flickr is filtered here and I can't enjoy(?) Annie's picture...

Lovin' it, gjd! Amer must be enjoying watching the girl-on-girl simuls, too. ;-)

Stupid blog.

Glad you like those visuals, OtheU.

Textile can be tactile... but think of the covers of those historical romance novels, where the history is simply an excuse for the bodice-ripping cover scenes.

This is another reason why you guys shouldn't fear sewing and knitting and such. Just an understanding of period fashion can make a woman swoon.

I think guys in the SCA understand this quite well.

Amer strikes me (literally) as more of a doer than a watcher.

Please, DD! There are no employee showers here! ;-)

Don't worry, Amer. The next post puts a bit of a damper on the mood.

uh, chris....in regards to your link...did you read the description beneath? it suggest you keep those panties moist. bwhahahahahahhaah.

o, i was headed for the tactile porn but you beat me to it. damn you.

guys shouldn't fear sewing and knitting

Rosey Grier. NFL defensive lineman (part of The Fearsom Foursom); one of Bobby Kennedy's body guards; avid knitter.

Rosey's definite gonna need a bigger BOBbin.

Chris - I remember reading that about Rosie a long time ago. In fact IIRC, in the 70s he was featured on a soup commercial or some such which showed him knitting. Cool.

cg/Amer/Annie - LOL!

I remember seeing Rosie knitting in, I think, a game show audience back in the 70s.

The (married) male priest at a church I used to go to would sometimes sit and embroider during meetings.

i worked with a cop that would crosstitch between calls.

Bodice Rippers wbagnfaGEEZERband ... ??

(cg ... sumtimes I get lucky manage to have good timing ... um ... with posting, I mean ... fergit about that "four hour" dealie ... four YEARS wouldn't help me much in that other contextual — NOT "consensual" — situation ... merely sayin' ...)

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