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January 11, 2008


They're busy.

(Thanks to Michael Thompson and fivver)


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Busy bein' stoopid, as usual ... why does that not surprise me ...

New PETA slogan: Practice Random Acts of Madness and Senseless Faxing.

This is not a bad idea. If you fed prisoners nothing but Tofu, I would bet the recidivism rate would drop and the current prisoners would be too weak to fight or attempt escape. Cannibalism might go up, but that's a solution in itself.

Would that constitute cruel and unusual punishment and lead to him getting off on a technicality?

They're making a huge deal out of this. They never SAW him eating the GF. Just an ear boiling in the pot. Don't ya'll clean your ears people???

No _reported_ cases of cannibalism does not mean that there were no case of cannibalism.

Thanks for the idea, Sio... corn with chicken, tonight!

Lobe is blind.

Looks like his attorney is taking his order, "You want files with that?"

snork @ Annie

Listen. I am an animal lover. We have a housefull of rescued and cute furry things all over the place. I have nothing but compassion and adoration for my paperweights with fur.

That said. PETA is frickin nuts and not reflective of higher thinking. I like my meat. I like my leather. I won't use a sytrofoam cup--but I would wear a fur coat if I had one. I conserve water. I recycle. But left on an island with nothing but brusel sprouts or a PETA member to eat, lets just say--the brussels sprouts are safe.

We are talking about an organization that asked Dreamworks SKG to remove the fishing child from the logo; because fishing is cruel. Nuff said.

the only person he's going to bite is himself.

Because he can.

@ JoG - They also want the Green Bay (Meat)Packers to change their name because it's cruel

BTW GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People Eating Tasty Attorneys

"Senseless murder", "brutal murder", "bloody murder" - why does murder always need a qualifier. It's murder, dammit! How much worse can it get?

*digs around in pocket lint to find a gumball*

Soylent Green is PEOPLE!

Mr. Scott? You want my gumball? It's been in my pocket. It's real warm and squooshy.


Well said. They are nuts and yes Spittle Spraying Zealots WBAGNFARB.

But left on an island with nothing but brusel sprouts or a PETA member to eat, lets just say--the brussels sprouts are safe.

As scrawny as PETA members tend to be, Cheryl, you'll be reduced to eating the brussels sprouts soon enough...

Cheryl, you go girl. You do more for animals in a day than PETA does in, well, ever, assuming you don't kill too many (see petakillsanimals.com).

The scariest thing about the PETArds is that they are absolutely certain everyone takes them seriously.

So do cannibals buy Human Helper?

The motives behind what the PETA people do should alarm us more than their actions. It is all about control.
What in the world makes PETA people think that what a small percent of the population thinks should or can be imposed on the majority of the population? It appears that they do not want the planet to continue as it is, but that it should return to caveman days.
When we are hiding in caves to keep from being eaten by the wild animals, PETA will have become part of the food chain.
What amazes me is the cult-like way in which
even seemingly reasonable people get drawn into their group.

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