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January 05, 2008



I was in the protest/lunatic area outside the debate tonight, and I ran into one of my favorite perennial presidential contenders, Vermin Supreme. He always wears a boot on his head and is, he claims, legally on the ballot.


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He's on the left, right. A bit of twine and you could be running mates. If you wanted.

Dave, the shirt you're wearing looks suspiciously white. Have you gone to the Dark Side? It starts with white shirts, ya know...

Wow that picture is blurry. The only non blurry thing is the Ron Paul sign.

With a name like Vermin Supreme, he's either in Congress or won't (out of good taste) associate with the vermin who are.

I guess his party is "Animal".

Is vermin supreme a pizza? If it is, does it come with extra cheese?

He looks like his name. There's nothig more to say bout that.

um, is that pic a little blurry or have i lost count of how many beers you've had?

With AM b h missing, I must comment. DAVE is MISSING a ,

Vermin Supreme sounds like a new flavor of Fancy Feast cat food.

*snork* at guin!

at first glance, i thought dave was in the protestant area outside the debate.

thanks, dave, for giving me a new candidate to vote for since you dashed my plans to vote chuck norris.

*wonders where Dave's hands are*

Hola!! I am BACK!! home safe not necessarily sound...but ya'll knew that!!! Now I've gotta catch up!

The vermin supreme pizza only comes with extra rat instead of pepperoni

What rob said.

Go Jags!

Hmmmm...somehow Barry/Vermin sounds like a mighty appealing alternative to the current presidential contenders...or perhaps a Ben & Jerry's flavor of the month.

GO STEELERS!!!!! Sorry CJ & company

Glad you're home safely, Sioux.

If any of you watch "Veggie Tales", Vermin Supreme is clearly from Flibber-O-Loo. -- I like the leopard print.

Suzy Q, I think the white shirt is safe b/c the sweater is blue.

Welcome home Sio.

Thanks, gjd! I'm glad to be home. Leaving my girl behind...not so much ;-)

Thanks, Danny!

Sooooooooo what did I miss?? ;-)

j/k!! I'm all caught up now.

Siouxie - glad she's safe. Sorry you had to leave her there. Have a glass of your favorite Chardonnay on the house.

HI, DANNY!!!! *smoooooooch!*

Diva doll!

How's life in the frozen north, Danny?

damn cj, can't imagine why you'd rather watch this game than call me!

bad esther, bad esther.

LOL, cold. But not too bad

Go Jags some MORE!!

Just got back from the Clinton event - BILL Clinton, that is. He is a charismatic speaker.
When he was leaving, I shook his hand and told him I was undecided, and do you know he stopped and asked me how he could sway me, so I asked him a couple of questions and he answered them and then moved on. I was quite impressed. The lady behind me asked if he and I were friends. Of course I said yes.

I have a blurry picture that hubby took, but I don't have a place to post it.

So....I hung with Bill, and Dave hung with, um, vermin.

Off to make friends with Obama in the morning. Dave, you're welcome to tag along....I'm sure I can get you in. :)

Diva, out of 3 vehicles, we lost 2 batteries yesterday due to cold and one was in a garage.

Go Punkin!!!

Thanks, Dan! Keep warm!!

CJ - are we playing next week????

I'm having rum & DIET cokes tonight. It's been one hell of an interesting day. Good thing I had plenty of time to chit ch@t with El, Annie and judi on the road. You gals kept me sane!

I assure you that THIS is NOT sp@m. Thanks!

cg, I'll be more than happy to SMACK CJ for ya.

Oy, Danny. That sucks!

Punkin - email me your photo and I'll put it up on photobucket for you if you want!

Punk. having given this careful thought, I think you should vote for Bill Clinton.

[Go Jags some more]

But where 'as all the rum gone?

*spies Siouxie's glass*

There'll be no living with 'er after this.

Whoo, Punkin - Here ya go!

Siouxie - rum & hot cider w/ cinnamon!

Thanks, DD!

(He had make-up on his red nose)

Hah, that cg, she's a funny girl!

Call a girl during Jacksonville pointy ball... yeah right!

Was it "applied" makeup, Punkin - or just rubbed off from someone else? ;-)

I'm a thunkin Bill is sweet on Punkin...

Way cool Punkin. have to frame that one.

Got the pic, Punkin. I'd have posted it but too late ;-)

Nice one!

I'm probably voting for Obama, but I was impressed that Bill took that extra 60 seconds.

Hillary grates on my nerves. I guess my question to Bill should've been - "So, how do you STAND her???"

Ah did not have blog with that woman!

Oh, and did everybody see that "My Baby's Daddy" was voted NFL MVP for 2007???????

Punkin an Bill, sitting in a tree,
K I S S I N G!

Igloo, do think he meant something else when he asked how he could "sway" me???


Do YOU think.... damn rum....must need more!

Punkin, I'm voting for Vermin. I like the name and he obviously thinks shoes are a priority, even if he wears 'em on his head. I am an informed voter.

Exactly, Punkin,
As in what sway do you prefer it.

Siouxie - YOU are a persuasive speaker! How could any woman one argue with THAT logic!!

Ok...off to the debate! Everyone do a shot each time you hear the word "change"!!!

Punkin, Pro Bowl and that MVP are meaningless. This is the playoffs! If we can just beat these dang Steelers, we'll se you in Foxboro. Go... well you know!

*stands out of Punkin's way for when she reads CJ's post*

Ah did not have blog with that woman!"

Posted by: Feeling Hil's Pain | 08:53 PM on January 5, 2008



Great, you guys are gonna let me drink alone?


Double Jags interceptions! Double Drink. First time in history a player's hair (part of the body) landed out of bounds to end a play! Get a freakin' haircut!!

Jags score!!!

but you didn't point with your elbow...

CJ - It's not meaningless if it gets him on the cover of SI or something...preferably shirtless, as he is in practice. (In my dreams he plays shirtless, all sweaty and glistening...and I'm the water girl...oh...um....as you were)

GDan knows his drinking games (pointing at him with elbow)!

Sorta outta the run of the general commetary -- but back on whut wuz the original (?) thread topic (WHERE?) ...

When I saw "Vermin Supreme" I immediately thot of the fact that, whenver he's subject to roll call (school, army, whutever) ... the speaker/roll-taker would hafta say, "Supreme, Vermin" ...

I know ... weirdly deranged ... but if I din't have my mental blocks, I'd have nuthin' at all to play with ...

*snork*, O!!

And people said you had to be crazy to run for political office? This picture is proof. Mr. "Supreme" looks like he had better find his own rum & coke, stat.

*reaches in and topples O's block tower*

We need more honest vermin in politics. At least he has the courage to label himself so.

*snork*@ mental blocks!

LOL CJ, *drinks*

Vermin Supreme. This month's special at Jack-in-the Box.

So Dave's picture is blurry and Punkin's picture is blurry too. Does this mean that all of New Hampshire is out of focus? Enquiring minds want to know.

Except for Bill. And Huckabee. There is a strong focal force in NH for Arkansas folk.

MEW - are you the "Mew" who several of us met in NYC at a Dave book-signing in 2006? If so, nice to see you again, and I hope all is well. If not, then welcome anyway and enjoy it here.

Watch out, Jacksonville. I think Roethlesberger has only been beaten once in the playoffs and he is going to take over if you think you've won this game.


As to the NH blur factor - I think our shutters were shuddering in the cold.

CJ - did your team win?

What a game! Jax is in trouble, beacuse they have been scoring too fast, but their defense is whipped.

They have to start pounding the ball with the running game are Pittsburgh is going to win. I am freakin' nuts!!!

no, al, it means we're all drinking! woohoo.

Jags are in huge trouble, 8 minutes left. Pittsburgh has the ball. I want to bite someone's ear off!

I've just awakened from my NyQuil haze and need to take a nap.

'night, all (not Nytol)!!

4th and goal. judi, may I please use the F word?

*sends ddd some No-Doz™*

p.s. the FACEBOOK debate? ggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

Absolute Bullshit! Jags called for interference when the Steelers receiver clearly dragged the Jag by the facemask. Worst call I hve ever seen.... Sorry for cussing, but that call changed the game and was obvious. Even Jags last possessin ended off of a blown 'holding' call on the Jags, when Polamau was brought down with an arm blow, but the Jag never grabbed Polamau; he hit him, but did not grab and hold him. These officials have taken over this game.

Punkin Poo- Is this why Ron Paul's sign was so unblurry?

CJ- Fred?
Ah Fred You Jerk!

Sorry for cussing, but this is coming down to be the best game of the playoffs, so far. These two teams hate each other and it's not pretty.

I love Troy Polomalu! SO HOT!! *grins dreamily*

oh, is there a game on?

No Fred, now. Down by one and Pittsburgh has the ball, 3 minutes. Jax can't even block, because the Refs are calling holding if an arm even reaches out beyond the pads; no grabbing necessary. I'm watching guys pulling their arms in. This is it....

Jax ball little time left and they are not allowed to block the linebackers running into the backfield, because the refs are calling holding if you even reach out....

Don't even think of bringing Jones off the bench. The Jags have to throw to people that will be determined: Williams or Wilford. Leave the Hillbilly on the bench. Please leave the Hillbilly on the bench....

Fred? I thought it was Wanda! *confused*

*snork @ cg*

NOW, Jax can run.

Well, here ya go CJ. 4th and the season...

Hey, Doc! Tuning in a little late for this game, aren'tcha?

37 seconds and Jax up by 2....

Tuning in a little late for the blog DD. Been watching the game all the way through.

Aha. I shoulda knowed. :-) How goes the move?

WOOHOO! Jags move on. Nice big game defense on J'ville's part.

Slowly on the move. Spent most of the day in bed with an upset stomach. Think the doughnuts I ate this morning might have been tainted some how.

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