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January 30, 2008


Brought to you by Carlsberg Brewing Company

(Thanks to Mike Campbell)


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"We believe that there are people out there who are willing to part with this amount of money just so that they can taste an amazing beer or to keep it on their mantelpiece," he said.

We believe you've been smoking crack.

My champagne doesn't even cost that much.

we believe you have waaaay too much money.

my champagne doesn't even cost as much as a beer at the ballpark, but then, i hate champagne.

"probably the best"

probably??!!? PROBABLY??!!?

For that price, it better BE the best. And come with a Swedish bikini model to fetch if from the fridge for me.

$400 is not the most expensive champagne on the market. And, I, for one, would not spend $400 for champagne or beer.

Ditto Siouxie & Cheryl!

Sio--they've only been smoking crack because its affordable.

I don't mind paying a fortune for beer at the ballpark because being an Astros fan requires a lot of drinking. 2004 & 2005 withstanding.

What can I say...I have cheap taste buds. Do you know how many boxes of wine I can buy with $400????

hmm...400 divided by 3.75 liters...take away the spout and multiply by 8oz glass...lessee... a LOT.

The brew's taste hints of prunes, caramel, vanilla, oak and cherry port bitterness, he said, adding that it is best consumed with gourmet blue cheese or on its own with "a very special friend."


$400? That's nothing.

yea butt, OBB. you get that totally bitchin' bottle included in the price. I've had $300 champagne and I don't think it tasted any better than $40 champagne and Carlsberg beer tastes like pi$$water no matter how much it costs. of course, I'm a Guinness fan so there is no accounting for taste.

"Only showoffs will buy this beer," said TV journalist Marie Grundtvig Buss. "There can't be any justification for such a price for a single bottle of beer."

Can we import some Danish journalists, please? Excepting for Dave, I can't think of more than a couple of U.S. scribblers with this much common sense and who have (or use) the latitude to speak so frankly.

ps: Prune flavored beer?!? I will never get old enough to think there's anything good about that.

Guinness with the nitrous tab is seriously good.
So is Boddingtons--one of my summertime favs.

Lairbo - do you like Dr. Pepper? The secret ingredient is...wait for it! Pruuuuuuuuunes!! (IANMTU)

In line with Siouxie's original comment...

"We believe that there are people out there who are willing to part with this amount of money just so that they can taste an amazing beer or to keep it on their mantelpiece."

There are also people who are willing to have roman candles shot at their faces, and people who skateboard down metal rails, and people who enjoy Kevin Federline's "music".

DD - Technically, that isn't the case anymore, though I won't say that it never was the case. I think at one point they did, in fact, have Prunes in Dr. Pepper. Nowadays, though, it's just caramel color, corn syrup, corn syrup, and a little bit of corn syrup. Oh, and also a lot of carbonated water.

Let no one speak ill of Dr. Pepper. And yes prunes were in the original formula. D.P. was created in Waco, Texas by a pharmacist and they've since opened up the original facility as a museum. Trust me on this, not much to see there. Best to head on up the road and see the Texas Sports Hall of Fame or the suspension bridge the Brooklyn Bridge was based on. This ends the Waco propaganda portion of the blog.

"...stored in special Swedish and French oak casks..."

/pictures a round meatball-shaped cask with a white flag sticking out of the top/

/OK, round and meatball-shaped is redundant/

Schade: and one tsp. of almond extract!

I'll stick with my beloved Redneck Champagne, also known as "Cold Duck" which WBAGNFARB. At least as good as Federal Duck if not better.

The only place I could find Sam Adams' "Utopias" it was up to $230 a bottle. Becoming scarce, I guess. I think I'll wait until they release another batch.

From the Sam Adams Utopias link: "Beer enthusiasts have never enjoyed a beer like Sam Adams Utopias."

Odd choice of phrasing to promote a product.

There is another incentive for those finding the beer's price a bit hard to swallow. Each bottle is labelled with a hand stencilled original lithographic print by Danish artist Frans Kannike, making the empties worth about $100 apiece.

looks kinda like a bottle o' port

1. If you can afford champagne, why not just buy the champagne?

2. Even with valuable artwork, the math still doesn't add up:

$400 for a full bottle - $113 for selling the empty = $300 too much for beer.

And that's assuming you don't get the urge to crack the bottle over some jerk's head after you're done.

Err...replace "113" with "100".

I blame the cold meds.

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