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January 30, 2008


Cabbie update


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Wooo Hooo!

I haven't been first in like a million posts (so about three days).

He will sue for "Right to work", and the state (tax payer) will pay for his beer

Wow. They're actually suspending a license in Florida??

I'm shocked! gobsmacked, even.

Oho! He kinda neglected to mention that "aggressive driving" thing yesterday....



The least shocking thing to find out was that he is an aggressive driver. C'mon he's a cabbie for crying out loud. The most surprising is that he isn't from another country.

sounds like he should be teaching the aggressive-driving class...

"class, remember if the fare tells you to 'hurry' , then it is your sacred duty to get them there, in as few pieces as possible. also, in the event of a water landing, the seat cushions can be used as a floatation device."

He should think about how lucky he would have been if they had revoked his license a day earlier. He would have been driving on the back roads to avoid the police instead.

So he's gonna be suspended? Was it a suspension bridge?

"Reid, of North Miami-Dade, has more than 30 traffic citations on record in the county, from speeding and seat-belt violations to driving without a license or proof of insurance.

Despite an occasional conviction and a few points on his license, Reid has mostly avoided serious penalties or suspensions."

Driving without a license, insurance, or even a seatbelt are considered minor offenses? What's it take to get a major offense in FL?

they give driver's tests in fla?? whooda thunk it.

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