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January 31, 2008


(Thanks to Joshua Evans)


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I still support a Barry/Obama ticket

Big 3 Emissions? I know of number one and number two, but what is the Big 3 emission they are referring to?

1. burp
2. fart
#. Al Gore

See Baron, Siouxie knows that there is never a #3.

Last night Huckabee was feeling like a Big 3 emission. Nobody would play with him.
(thank goodness Simi Valley is downwind)

1. burp
2. fart
3. teenage boys with Victoria's Secret catalogs

I believe the third last emission is usually nocturnal.

They need to contact NASA...Emission Control.

Nocturnal emissions are too ghastly to contemplate

Messy too.

I'm here. Look at me.

Maybe Mike should change his name to Wannabee.

*secretly wishes the American Idol judges could judge this juggernaut*

*zips in*™

Boy, Dave is really busy posting this morning. He must be having a quiet day in RL.

YAY for Calaifornia for trying to do something about noxious emissions.

Still, their Governor *is* supporting McCain; so what does that tell you?

That he's more intelligent than I thought, Steve. ;-)

If he's so intelligent, why isn't he supporting Dave?

Is it me, or does Huckabee look like he's trying to describe 'huge boobies' in a game of charades?

I'm afraid it's just you Ellie:-)

I think the impassioned look on Huck's face supports your interpretation, ellie.

Well, Steve - that would certainly be the best option, but you can't blame the guy for promoting himself. :-)

PS - ELLLIEEEE!!!! Bwahahahah! I had to go back and look at the picture. Soooooo funny!

He was actually trying to get the waiter's attention, but alas.

John Edwards had that same look in the last Democratic debate. Kinda like the kid in school that had all of the answers and the teacher keeps ignoring him in an attempt to get the rest of the class involved.

HEY! I was that kid.

And yes, I still am. ;P

That I had figured out Annie NTTAWWT. ;)

I figured I'd say it before you did.

Recovering 24 - I think it will be more of a Barry/Clinton ticket. That would be Bill Clinton, since he and Dave see eye-to-eye on a basic Constitutional right

Me, too, Annie.


You gotta get your hand up there, Mikey. You can take McCain. He's old and cranky. Play him like a 5-string bass.

That would be the number of hairs on McCain's head, Annie

I thought that was more like the number on Charlie Brown's head, Jazzzz.

As for brains, I'm figuring about half this blog grew up setting the bell curve in class.

Ms. Bell had some curves....not that I noticed

Oh, come on, Jazzzz. You didn't notice these?

Yep, that's Ms. Bell.

and she's been rung a few too many times.

Dong Dong Dong *emmission*

I always thought she was pretty, but I had NO idea how hot she was until I saw that!

After all of the recent incidents with teachers getting busy with their students I found myself wishing I could go back in time to when I was in school. Then it occurred to me most of my female teachers looked like this. Needless to say I'd rather stay past drinking age.

random....need a smoke?

I can't tell you how disappointed I am that Arnold is supporting McCain. I'm from AZ, and I don't want McCain as our next pres. I prefer Romney. McCain is too much of a Democrat for my tastes.

Of course, when I say "too much of a Democrat" I do not mean anyone in this forum who also happens to be a Democrat.

the only emissions from that group was enough hot air to power the hindenburg. and then it blowed up real good. and that bloviated gasbag romney is the worst of them. yikes, is he plastic! ever since obama announced he wanted change, they all want change. i only got 78 cents. i think i will go for what is behind door #3, Monty. or vote Dave Barry.

Especially those that carry machetes and guns, Schade.

LOL - nice backpedaling, Schade!!



RIGHT with you, Jazzzzie, mah love!


What's your opinion, Mr. Blog, unofficial candidate for President (YOTUS)?

Oh, come on, kathyb - you know better than that! He agrees with the American people! ;-)

I thought Arnold would endorse Romney to lock down the "chiseled good looks" vote.

I also wanted the presidential election to be decided by an Obama vs Romney Speedo contest :-D

Merri - WHY couldn't you have posted that BEFORE I ate my lunch! It would have made a wonderful appetite suppressant.

Merri, we have to give all the candidates equal time. That means Dave AND Hillary in Speedos™

Well, there goes my dinner instead! (Hillary, NOT Dave).

When asked, Sen. Clinton looked a bit surprised.

*has brain bleach ready to pass out*

Hows about McCain and Huckabee in Speedos ™

Honestly, Hillary post-Watergate and pre-White House wasn't a bad looking woman. Being married to Bill is probably harder on her than being President would be.

*grabs brain bleach from random, swigs, passes out*

I agree, Rick. She has not aged well. And HE still looks decent. NOT FAIR.

Well Siouxie, I believe it's because sex keeps you young :-D

Coulter is CREEPY. That is all.

Is it just me, or is Huckabee doing a "I'm telling ya, the fish was THIS big," impression.

nah, Elon. Ellie nailed it earlier. ;-)

Elon, that is because she is the offspring of a jack-a-lope and a Borg. She never had a chance.

Snork @ WW! Best description I've ever heard of the woman.

ww - you got that right. I thought that picture was stretched at first. Nope. Just her.

*has secret hots for jackelope/Borg offspring*

In her case, you can judge a book by its cover.


Wyo is going to be soooo peeved when he sees this. He's not counter-Coulter.

Thanks for distracting him, Sioux.

The funny part of this is that I posted the link and I consider myself more toward the conservative point of view. I just think the poor woman looks like a very mannish giraffe and her views skew way to far to the right for my liking.

BTW, Mannish Giraffe WBAGNFARB.

It's not her Conservativsm, so much as the fact that according to her I am a traitor twice over, being both a non-Christian and a scientist.

And a man, Edgar. Don't forget that!

Annie, I was going to flash again, but I think we're all out of eye bleach.

Until she called John Edwards "the other f-word," I'd heard of Ann Coulter, knew what she looked like and that she was a right-wing pundit, but never paid her (or any other pundit) any mind. So when people were calling her homophobic on the news I was thinking, "But isn't he gay? Wait...THAT'S A WOMAN??"

At times of political uncertainly like these just ask yourself, "What Would Dave Do?" WWDD

The answer will probably have something to do with one of the three emissions.

Huckabee still looks like President Handbag.

Well, then, I guess it's my turn to flash.

Thank God! I was afraid Annie's link was to a nursing home full of old women flashing. Or Mike Huckabee. Either way I would have been vomiting non stop for the next few days.


Well this MAY take care of one of the three...

Warning...not necessarily suitable for work...

YOWCH, Afkat! I'm a girl and even I can feel the pinch of that!

Diva, when you wake up please pass me the brain bleach. Thanks Afkat.

This will work just as well.

The Sleeve!


*this is not spam*

It looks like he made his britches out of a Hefty bag. With a handle.

*instinctively gropes for brain bleach, swigs, hands it to Doc Rick*

Drink up, Bro.


3 1/2 inches,.....SNORK!!


3 1/2 inches,.....SNORK!!


3 1/2 inches,.....SNORK!!

Gadfly with the "Triple Lindy". Nice! hehe

I'm just now joining the blog. But I can say that without reading the entire thread, 3 1/2 inches and excellent are terms rarely combined in a single sentence. Repeatedly, never.

wha' happened?

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