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January 29, 2008


Rare 3-Foot Spitting Earthworm Found in Legal Battle

(Thanks to jon harris, who notes that The Spitting Earthworms would be a good name for a rock band)


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I had visions of this being a custody battle for some reason. *PHEW*

If it WERE a custody battle, I'd say split the worm in half....

Rare is OK, but I would prefer medium.

*snork* @ CJ !

confirmed earthworm sighting
How can you not love this!!! I smell Pulitzer!!

What does it spit? Tobacco?

I say let it die out. More room for the whales and seals and dolphins and, uh, non-spitting worms....

For some reason I snickered at this line...

"they are also hoping to defend the prairies of the Palouse."

Has anyone informed Nancy Palouse?

Ah, well... the battery is dying and the entire neighborhood is out. The hotel is running a generator for check-ins, butt I would prefer to sit in a dark Tiki Bar (but cold beer) with no power than head out to the truck for a charge-up.

Bear up while I blurk until juiceless!

Hi, Jazzzzie!!!

Hey Diva! How is you?

*searches around for pocket protector and duct tape for my glasses* I may be a special sort of lo-who-who-zer.

I had a fleeting thought that I should share this info about 3' worms with the blog on the last worm post, by didn't. Here I thought that no one would be interested. Silly me.

But this is an American 3-foot earthworm, CH.

Besides, most worms don't have feet, so a 3-foot worm is special.

*battery geeetttiiinggg loooowwwweeerrrrrrrr*


Why I am thinking of "Tremors" when I read this?

And since its CJ--I can point out that it is a native worm versus those pesky everyday non-natives that have been wiping them out.

(Cj, quick--go recharge)

BTW, if you don't know "Tremors", you are missing out.

Way OT, sorry. Had to break down and buy a cell phone. I don't even answer the land line. I got it to call the wife and ask how to work it. Now I am waiting for her to come home and show me how to work it. She has this crazy idea that one should read the literature that comes with stuff you buy.
I build our computers, fix our cars and the dang phone is kicking my butt. LOL, OK, I'll stop. (Just really frustrated)

I wasn't aware the spitting worm was endangered. I've got one, not quite 3 feet long, but still a spitter on occasion.

Power's On, BlogBar's Open!!

Sorry, no appetizers. The staff is waffling on opening the restaurant and we may send a waitress out with a big take-out order.

However, we have a full bar staffed by folks recovering from the noise and exhaust of the generators....

igloo, rigggghhhhht.

(Its been said before--or why women have no sense of measurement)

iggy....never refer to above mentioned as a "worm".....Reptile, hose, sausage, even trunk.....but never "worm"

*confused* We're serving waffles in the bar, now, CJ? Are we opening an IHOP annex?

Jazzzz (if you're still blurking) I am GREAT! Beautiful snow on the ground, and my toes warming up under the down comforter. Mmmm. Life is good.

"The only recent confirmed worm sighting was made in 2005 by a University of Idaho researcher."

In a related story, spitting-worm researchers now required to carry 'tree-fitty' when in the field - just in case, you know.

I thought "three-foot worm" was a euphemism for a dwarf attorney.

Now THAT would make jury duty WAY more fun (that and the biting-off-the-balls story yesterday).

Good evening everyone.

GungaDan - Directions? PAH !!! Like you, I say who needs 'em? From all the swingsets, tricycles, BBQ grills, etc., I've put together in the last 25 years, I've got enough leftover parts and hardware to build... I dunno... something.

(I bought my first cell phone last summer - and still quite happy to only know how to dial out, answer a call, and text message with it.)

Hey, ddd! Did you get stuck on the jury? I actually would really like to serve on one sometime just for the experience. Of course my job is not quite as life-and-death as yours!

Thank you Ifits! LOL, I am working on a small boat from left over parts.

A boat made from leftover computer and car parts? Gunga Dan, you're supposed to carry water, not take it on!

Now you tell me!!!!

Who can forget this wonderful dialogue from "DUNE" (1984 version)...
Paul: "Stilgar, do we have wormsign?"
Stilgar: "Usul, we have wormsign the likes of which even God has never seen!"

igloo, i'm laughing even though i've never seen the movie.

Thank God for Frank Herbert.

wonder what he'd dream up to build with 1 thing's left over parts.

Dune rocks, igloo! Wormsign ahoy!
I'm off to bed. Long day, long worm, you know how it is.

Sad to say, but it took this GEEZER 3 hours to recall that lil bon mot.




Oh, and bbbwwwwlllaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhhhh!

*hopes that wasn't Punkin's reaction to his reappearance.*

Danny, you have to turn the phone ON, hon...k??? ;-)

Niters, Auntie!! sweet dreams.

ddd, just tried callin' Med to ask about the grandmas...she'll call me back..they were having dinner

and a belated...

Jazzzzzzzzzzzzie!!! *smooch*

Did I mention (many years ago) my ex and I went to a Sci-Fi party dressed in identical robes, with hoods, with a beer in the pocket and a long, transparent tube leading from the beer to our lips? Guess who we were.

JD - That weird comfortable drunk couple?

Punkin, you were there?

Dave and judi??

Oh, no, Wyo.....I was simply horrified by the spitting worm.

Take that any way you want.

Punkin, you're supposed to swallow. Annie told me.


Yes, JD - I'm everywhere.

BWAHAAAAAAAA *cough* *hack* *ahem* AAAAH!

Just back from reading several of the other articles and posts from today. Wow. Wow. Wow.

What a great news day.

May I just say that beer imbibed through a long, transparent tube packs a bigger kick than one sipped straight from the can.


Ducky, my ex and I went to a Halloween party when we lived in Cali...I was dressed as a --big surprise here-- space whore. He was dressed as a penis. Good times.

Siouxie, a few years ago the Ex went as a bricklayer. I went as...wait for it...a brick. Funny at the time.

LOL bali! that IS funny!!

Siouxie, may I ask what, exactly, a space whore is? Or do I want to know?

bali, *snork*

A whore who can defy gravity.

(Siouxie - check your mail - I want to talk about blog folk with you behind their backs....shhhhhhh!)

hmm what Punkin said. I had the garters and the space-age make up/plastic wrap. It was an artsy community. Ya had to be there ;-)

Punkin...I did..grrrrrrrr.... shhhhhh

Oh, sorry. *zips lips*

(Do you think they heard???)

Siouxie, did you wear anything under the plastic wrap?

I hope if you're talking about me, you'll be nice. I'm a good duck!

We love you, JD!!

I was just checking with Siouxie to make sure she was feeling as fresh as she'd like. You know, like the girls in the maxi pad / douche commercials do at nightclubs.

I think I need another drink.

I suspect Punkin is talking about me. And how cute I look in my new pastel pink, 3/4 sleeve tee.


Freakin' gossip Punkin, knock it off. I've got butt glue and I'm not afraid to use it. :)

Duckness! we wouldn't be talking bad about ya!

(I don't think they heard, Punkin)

And yes, I wore ME under the wrap.

Punkin- just give me a scratch while you are behind my back- a little higher- ahhhhhh. Thanks!

Siouxie- I talked to her earlier and gave some unsolicited medical information. Namely, they used to cure syphilis with malaria. Also, elephants can't jump, and dogs and humans are the only animals with prostates.

ddd! (smoochies to you!) I'm waiting for her to call me back. Good thing we have your medical expertise to guide us.

Gotta tell you, it's always so much fun to read what y'all post each day. Time for me to ease on outta here.

Nytol ™

Cheryl, you look HAWT in pink!

Niters, Ifits! and thanks for the simul ;-)

Thanks, Punkin and Siouxie. I'm relieved.

Cheryl, you look pretty in pink.

Wow, ddd. Next time I'm being chased by a rampaging elephant, I'll just hop over the nearest fence and be saved. I feel so secure, armed with this knowledge. Thank you!

*Stands next to Wyo at the blog bar, waits for a drink*

Elephants have prostates?

The Blog is so informative.

Sio, where is the ON switch? (And you still look great in footy PJs)

Be well Ifits

Well, at least I know no one's talkin' 'bout me. I got nuthin' going on these days. Kinda cool, too. I hate drama.

bali, drama is highly overrated. Unless it's on stage or the big screen.

Or soaps.

Couldn't agree more, Ducky. Hard to believe some people court it. Ever dream you'd wake up one day and say "Thank God I'm not Britney Spears"? Poor kid.

Cheryl, that, too.

bali, that's just one more thing I'm grateful for. No matter what else is going on, I'm NOT Twitney. That makes everything seem MUCH better!

Cheryl, I agree. I learn so much from the Blog.

Danny, thanks! (the ON switch is next to the OFF switch)

Well folks, it's been an exciting day here in Miami. Voting and making sure the dead relatives vote too. We all picked Dave, of course.

Thanks, you crazy and funny people, for making my day!

Niters and smoochies to all ;-)

Nite, Sioux! Sweet dreamzzzzzzz...

Speaking of headless mice...

Good night everyone. I really do need to leave now. Have a great week.

I have to flap away, too. Nighty-night, y'all. Sweet dreams!

Gotta bail myownself. Somebody man the blogbar! *takes a glass of merlot* Nite, Y'all!

Punkin, you were talkin' 'bout me, weren'tcha? *sigh* I knew it.

Late post, Folks - I just wanted to make sure everyone sees the disclaimer that I tagged on the "Gee You Think?" thread.

My first comment there (as Lane and Broderick) was not in any way intended to counter Punkin's. I think this is a sick travesty of an idea. I simply saw the key quote which mentioned "drums and dancing girls" and, singer that I am, my brain took the leap straight into "Springtime for Hitler." No offense was intended in any way.

Thanks, guys.

Which one is the off switch? ~beating new phone on desk!~ Oh I have killed larger things!

LOL, Danny. You poor dear. You won't be able to hear it on the boat, anyway. ;-)

PS - No, that post actually had nothing to do with Punkin, either, just FYI. Someone sent me a question about whether I meant what I said at the top of that thread. The answer is a resounding, "NO!"

Appreciate the discretion and the clarification, Diva.

Some how, the world expexts something different.

I already know I I'm An idiot. I have to fight my my way through all.

Someone Special, you are very welcome. ;-)

Gee, I just get here and two things happen.
1. Everyone's leaving for the night on the east coast
2. Unbeknownst to me the 3 foot worm cord to my new laptop came unplugged and the puter just crashed.

But I fixed it just in time to take umbrage at the lawyer joke. ;)

Hey, gimme my umbrage back. Actually, for this crew, we made it pretty far without a lawyer joke.

*zips in*™

Well, it's a new day and I'm starting fresh. I've been up sincd 4a.m. Pst, S YOU CAN imagine what a good mood I'm in.

I saw Spitting Worms warming up for Smashing Pumpkins back in '02. Helluva show.

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