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January 21, 2008


(Thanks to Matt Filar and CJrun, who we are probably not legally allowed to say would look good in one)

(We are sure Matt would too, but we haven't actually seen him)

UPDATE of some clothing styles CJrun and Matt would NOT look good in, thanks to Jeff Carrie's friend Jean


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Swedish men wear kilts? Who knew?

FIRST to say that I learned something new from this post. :)

pssst judi - but he would....;)

Was Matt there when I fIRST posted?

That is the most ASININE collection of ersatz men's clothing I have ever had the misfortune to view. I would feel sorry for those male models, but then I remember - they get PAID to look that stupid.

The tin man finally gets a poncho. It's about time!


Those are hilarious! I can imagine CJ wearing that little preppy school boy outfit.


Hey, if the guys can look up our skirts, why shouldn't they wear skirts we can look up, too? It's about time we got some damn equality!

*goes off to buy shoes with mirrors on the toes*

Good point, DD.

And to echo judi, NO ONE would look good in those ridiculous things.

Oh look, sumthin shiny! I just can;t imagine Cj wearing that outfilt with those shoes however.

To the guy wearing this

I say to him

At least for once the pouty facial expression models always have seems to fit the occasion.

And, doesn't it get awfully cold in Sweden to leave the boys hanging in the breeze like that?

I think that fashion line is a direct descendant of the Derelicte line.

Very nice style and design and great content , absolutely nothing else we want : D.

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