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January 29, 2008


Holocaust-themed Carnival float causes strain

Key Quote: "Really, it makes no sense addressing this theme with drums and dancing girls."

(Thanks to Jeff Matthews)


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Then and now.

Oh, I don't know about that, Ms. Punkin!

Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Deutschland is happy and gay!
We're marching to a faster pace
Look out, here comes the master race!
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Rhineland's a fine land once more!
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Watch out, Europe
We're going on tour!
Springtime for Hitler and Germany...
Winter for Poland and France
Springtime for Hitler and Germany!
Come on, Germans
Go into your dance!


What moron had this brilliant idea??

What a colossal @sshole. And I say that, of course, with no disrespect intended.

I for one would be happy to direspect him. Man, how dense can one be?

Gee, if the local Jewish population is offended, perhaps there is a hint it's a little offensive.

Rules of parade:

Offensive = Images of Christ or the Virgin Mary on a parade float.

Not offensive(?) = "Dead bodies" representing Holocaust victims stacked up on parade float.


"If we had people dancing on top of dead bodies that would indeed be disrespectful,"

Well, good to know he's not totally clueless.

Argentina didn't get all the immigants in 1946 apparently.

OT/ "Mr. President, there were three Brazillian soldiers killed in Iraq yesterday." "That's terrible> Uh, remind me, how many are in a brazillion?"

Belated disclaimer: My first comment (as Lane and Broderick) was not in any way intended to counter Punkin's. I think this is a sick travesty of an idea. I simply saw the key quote which mentioned "drums and dancing girls" and, singer that I am, my brain took the leap straight into "Springtime for Hitler." No offense was intended in any way.

Okay. I'm in the handbasket with you Diva. I thought your post was hysterical. Topic no, response yes.

We don't control these things, we just respond to them.

I want to be a producer!

(And frankly DD, this is a humour blog. Let us not lose ours. For better or worse.)

Thanks, Cheryl. :)

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