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January 31, 2008


89 Frozen Ferrets

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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it's a shame that they didn't print the entire story. This woman ran the Tidewater Ferret Rescue. Many people buy ferrets from pet stores and then decide that they really don't want them. They drop them off at her place and she tries to find homes for them. Recently, she got very, very sick and couldn't take care of them. She froze the dead ones to get them cremated all at one time. The VB police have decided to drop all charges against her because she was trying to save them and things just got out of hand. This has been on our local news here night and day since the story broke.

ww - so sad :(

Fresh is just so much better.

MtB - i see where you get your name. *snork*

89 frozen ferrets on the wall!

89 frozen ferrets!

Take one down, pass it around...

I saw 89 Frozen Ferrets warming up for Stray Cats. The smell was horrifying.

*Snork* at Alien8!

And I now have the song 99 red balloons stuck in my head. With weird lyric replacements. I lose it on the 'go by' line though.

Yeah, this is a sad part of life for sum folks who have nuthin' but good intentions ...

And y'all know whut they say about Life ... Ferret Snot!

In German that would be "eighty-nine gefrorene Frettchen gehen vorbei" if that makes it any better.

hey, KOW - thanks for the great earwig. and ww - I think that's awesome. hooray for her!

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