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January 30, 2008


Pot-vending machines

(Thanks to Linda)


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They'll no doubt be right next to the Cheez-Its and Dorito machines.

"At the Timothy Leary Medical Dispensary ...."

I recognize that name ... kinda ..... something about a cow in Chicago, wasn't it?

PVM-prescription(read POT) vending machine.

I foresee serious consequences for the machines if they take a stoner's cash and yield no stash.

How conveeeeeeeeenient.

Hey man observe the sh1t machine

*snork* @ Siouxie!

Reminded me of the Church Lady from SNL...like the machines are a product of, hmmm what's his name? Oh yes that's it SATANNNN!

I loved the Church Lady, Expat! LOL

"A man who said he has been authorized to use medical marijuana as part of his anger management therapy..."

Is this for real? Oh wait, no, it's Los Angeles.

It still reminds me of a comedian who said that marijuana not only should be legal, for some people it should be MANDATORY. Road ragers in particular.

I resemble that remark, padraig. Drivers here in H-town are almost as bad as those in Miami, or so I hear.

And don't get me started on those gold damnCamrys®. Maybe I need to move to LA. At least there, even though the idiots rule the road, you can get a prescription for anger management vending machines.

*sees new Californian tourist industry, Perscription Hash Tours*

*presses A4* nothing. Hmmmm how about *G3* nothing. Damned vending machines.

psst, Cheryl - put your card in first!

Duuuude. I so totally forgot!

where were these things when we were in college?

My brother's college had a marijuana vending machine. His name was Freddy.

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