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January 29, 2008


(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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I do the same thing with loser sperm-donor wannabes.
By leaving an ring-mark in their forehead.

*snork* @ Annie!

I can't top that.

Now waitaminnit! Take out the trash, leave the toilet seat down and sort tagged and untagged sperm? Come on, give us a break.

*Waves @ AWBH!!!!*

*Waves twice at Siouxie!!!!*

“Fertilization is, in a way, a numbers game,”

Anyone for naked Sudoku??

Ahem, Hammie. ;-)

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!!*

Looking around, somebody better wake up the taggers. They're sleeping on the job. Big Time.

The result of a defective sperm cell with one very large head

Yay! Waves @ DD!!!!

Insert your own 'Emissions Inspection Station' joke here.

*SMACKS* lilrascal and stabs eyeballs*


where's the bleach??? I can't see!

*^5's Punkin*
Hammie - thank you sO much for the 'O.' That was makin' me crazy.

Lilrascal, yup that one sure slipped past the quality control.

Here's another study you might be interested in. It's supposedly for cancer research, but methinks the author sounds slightly too excited.

Mammogram and Biopsy Machine

totally ot but I just heard a great line:

Goodbye Rudy Tuesday

....tags defective sperm cells while they undergo maturation in the epididymis...

Doing that in the epidimysis will make them go blind.



fiv - excellent line. Unfortunately, before we can say good-bye to him, he has to start running first.

It's a shame. I would have voted for Rudy.

*SNORK* @ Slyeyes !

Tag - you're not it!


Uh-oh, Microsoft droppings. It's easy to get this sort of crap when you start from a Word doc and aren't careful.

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