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January 31, 2008


Three armed bandits stole 11 potentially prize-winning pit bulls after tying up their owner and his friends during a midday robbery in West Park on Wednesday.

This led neighbors to ask one question: They only took 11?

There had to be more, they thought.

Twenty, 30, maybe 101.

And a snake.


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11 frightened pit bulls seems like a massacre party just waiting to happen!

''These weren't fighting dogs,'' said one victim, who asked to be identified as only as Dave for fear of retaliation. ''They were show dogs, the type that receive blue ribbons at shows. They were tame.'' Dave, who lives at the home and does, indeed, own a snake, said...."

Note to journalists associated with this article: identifying where your source lives is probably not the best way to protect his anonymity.

dog show? is that what the kids are calling it post michael vick?

Three armed bandits, wow, you don't see that everyday!

... potentially prize-winning ... ? ? ?

Apparently theyly didn'tly studyly theirly grammarly rulesly muchly ...

As the owner of a couple of award-winning UKC-registered American Pit Bull Terriers and several award-winning AKC-registered American Staffordshire Terriers,
a) Yes, dog shows--think Westminster and Eukanuba,
b) Yes, tame and not fighting dogs,
c) All but one of the dogs rescued from Vick's house are happy, healthy, friendly dogs who love people and playing with other dogs--they don't want to fight.

I understand they (the dogs) can be very sweet, but they look very mean and ugly to me...

So, I'm thinking he wasn't planning on selling these as guard dogs?

He had to sell them to pay the fines.

No one in the entire history of dogfights AND dog shows combined has ever kicked down a door and pistol-whipped someone in order to steal peke-a-poos. Perhaps he should try breeding peke-a-poos, or possibly tropical fish or canaries. Or he could go the other way and teach the dogs to eat intruders.

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