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January 29, 2008


Now they want to take away a man's fundamental human right to collect damages from his university because he was injured while horsing around in a kiddie pool filled with gelatin.

(Thanks to Josh)


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NYU spokesman John Beckman said, "This case broke the mold but in the end justice was served sweetly.''

Whereupon the judge ordered him taken out and shot.

NYU spokesman John Beckman said, "This case broke the mold but in the end justice was served sweetly.''

Oh, I bet he thinks he's SO clever for coming up with that!

He should have used mud. Less slippery. Annie told me.

shattered hip? just how old was this guy?

At the risk of incurring Annie's wrath this early in the day, I'd have to say I would have paid to see that Siouxie. ;) *ducks*

That's one heckuva Jello-shot!

Personal responsibility? Huh? What's that?

Think of all the starving Day Care kids that wasted jello could have fed.

Gee, just last night TruTV (the network formerly known as Court TV, which I guess wasn't as Tru as it is now) on its popular show "Beach Patrol" had bikini-clad girls wrestling in a pool filled with Margarita mix. I'm only thankful that no injuries were reported; but since the ever vigil Hermosa Beach task force (to a man) was keeping a close eye on things, I was sure there would be no problem. Unless, of course, one of the bikini-clad girls was caught drinking on the beach, then there might be a problem...

I'm just guessing here, but I'm thinking alcohol may have been involved.

slipping in a pool of gelatin = the school of hard Knox?

well done, insom!

LOL! insom - you da bestest.

A lawsuit for negligence? You've got to be pudding me on.

He got his just deserts.

Woohoo!! A blog submission accepted! I can die happy now.

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