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January 29, 2008


Wisconsin Division

(Thanks to Padraig and MissV and Jim Gilboy)


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So she has six pack abs and her boyfriend has twelve pack abs?

She already has a Florida license, but only for a car/truck - not a lawn mower.

At least she could keep her car from dropping off an overpass after recreating a pinball wizard move with her car.

The boyfriend was not driving, she said, because he was too drunk.

Apparently not too stupid to call the cops.

I saw the back of the woman in an interview NMUA and trust me, she's a little more keg abs than the 6 pack variety.

Did her sober personality tattle on her drunk one???

Sounds like the same kid in school who would remind the teacher that she forgot to give out homework assignments.

I once did something very similar...I don't recommend it.

Sooo...apparently in Wisonsin, it's only a minor traffic offense to drive while intoxicated. As Steve Martin would say, "you can get a ticket for that."

Sooo...apparently in Wisconsin, it's only a minor traffic offense to drive while intoxicated. As Steve Martin would say, "you can get a ticket for that."

Dang, I double-posted. Sorry, folks. I submit myself to be appropriately flogged.

I live in Wisconsin, and I'm so proud at this moment it brings tears to my eyes.

*flogs Schadeboy while holding pinky out*

Thank you, DeskDiva, may I have another?

*flogs Schade once more for good measure*

But no more! You like it too much. ;-)

*remembers to point her pinky at the last moment*

I sense a bit of a strain on that relationship in the near future.

[sighs at thought of today's techno-generation]

Not too bright but, it doesn't surprise me.

[surprised the boyfriend didn't video the event and post it on youtube as well]

[deep cleansing breath]

Woo-hoo, I got one-third posted!

My comment with the link, which Mr. Professional Humourist Blogmeister chose NOT to include, was the Wisconsin rule that you may choose as your Designated Driver anyone who is less drunk than you.

Schady, we give out DUI's in Wisconsin, but it's just our way of weeding out the amateurs.

Let me get this straight. She's honest, the cops are slow, she's caught sitting on her porch... one good lawyer= one win for the "lady"in court.

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