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January 29, 2008


Let's be careful out there.


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''We just don't condone making statements, especially negative statements, about anyone..."
Yeah, me too. If you wanna make safe statements, always use a 'condone.'

My Octegenarians are barely capable of eating and speaking. He has enough vim and vigor to be litigious?!!! I blame Viagra and Algore, of course.

OT/ Thanks. You know who you are. And I am bad, cuz I got into a wonderful discussion with my hero, my Dad, and my other hero, my sister, and it got too late to call.


((((Med))) Glad you got your heroes, kiddo.

I hope they make that statement thing part of their official policy . . . um . . statement. You know, just so everyone knows where they stand. As stated.

Ha, vim means something other than "Alternative to emacs". You learn something new every day.

as ed mcmahon would say: "Hollooooooo!"

This is cr@p. IMO.

I'm confused. If he wins his $25M lawsuit, then he won't be bankrupt, right?
NTTAWWT. Condoning condemning condomaniacs.

``plain, unadulterated lies.''
Them's Hollo words.

Hollo Cow!

With $25-M, he should be able to pay off the mortgage, eh?

Go easy on Tibor Hollo; he's still upset from that nasty breakup he had with Andy Rooney.

I wonder if I'll get sued if I say that man is FUGLY!

I wonder if I'll get sued if I say that man is FUGLY!

SueMe - Only if you say it twice... yikes...

First amendment anyone?

It was a Hollo victory.


Ain't no Hollo-back girl...

Gotta agree with the fugly bit...and the "I'm gonna tank so let's sue someone for buucku bucks to cover my a$$." I'll still file and then I'll go live on my private isle. Ahhhh...sunshine and daisies....you little people are so silly.

How can His Daveness be fired when he quit retired two years ago?

Lechuga said he was exercising his constitutional rights in musing about Opera Tower.

How amusing, constitutionally speaking.

Good morning blog-stars!!!
(In the great words of Travis Tritt
"It's A Great Day To Be Alive"

I got rice cooking in the microwave
Got a three day beard I don't plan to shave
And it's a goofy thing but I just gotta say
Hey I'm doing alright

Yeah I think I'll make me some homemade soup
Feelin pretty good and that's the truth
It's neither drink nor drug induced
No I'm just doin alright
And it's a great day to be alive
I know the sun's still shinin when I close my eyes
There's some hard times in the neigborhood
But why can't every day be just this good?

Coffee is on....

Whew!! We are so fortunate here in that we never make false (ok, we do make "falsie" statements) accusations, lest the blog would terminate their (not there) relationship with us. We could not go on in life......wait, if we are here, we have no life.....nevermind

Hey ya'lls!! Don't you be dissin' my man Tibor!! I am planning on hitchin' up with him (after he wins the millions, of course). He is beautiful, on the inside, where you can't really see his hideous skeletal face.

The future Mrs. Hollo.

BTW, Lechuga is Spanish for Lettuce.

OMG - Pat uses an alias for real estate business! $25 million would certainly help his campaign, though.

TPC - while my allegiance is with Dave, I believe the country is ready to elect its first Deceased American President.

Mum's the word.
Unless you say we shouldn't use the word.

Imagine, someone in real estate lying. Imagine that.

Diseased President?

I didn't realize the cryptkeeper made his fortune in real estate.

Laugh out loud Keli, I'm glad you said it so I can avoid being sued.

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