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January 30, 2008


He's single!

(Thanks to Siouxie and we think somebody else but we can't figure out who)

(OK, we found it: Matt Filar)


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I feel so ... used.

OK, hands up if you can honestly say that you've never spent a lazy Sunday strolling about the beach dressed as a massive penis. Anybody? Anybody? Thought not.

I've seen people acting like big d****. Does that count?

(BTW, I thought it was some sort of banana or something. Interesting colour. I wonder if it is one of those glow in the dark kind.)

The perfect summer job.

i couldnt tell what it was. thanks for clarifying. as for the d!ck in the suit.... good luck buddy. maybe leave it off your resume.

Nice way to pick up chicks, dude.

gjd, it does look like a banana.

Hey, Dave/judi, any way we can get a higher resolution version of that picture? I want to see it bigger, so, uh, so that I can better understand safe sex. Yeah.

I think that guy stuffed some rolled-up socks in his costume.

Handed out smaller condoms!?


And the other guy's hanging around getting names and phone numbers - I WANT THAT JOB!

Can imagine his pickup lines:

So, think He's big huh?

Really honey, that's only a sample size.

I taught him everything he knows. Heck, he'd still be doing Oscar Mayer commercials without me!

Know how long it took us to get him out of the closet?


Aw, look at the cute little hat on his head!

Aw, look at the cute little hat on his head!

Here we go again - Matt's posts so far: Butt glue, giant bras, giant condoms. *predicting his next post*

I need to get out more. When looking at the picture, prior to reading the caption, I thought it was a giant banana. Glad I'm not the only one though.

Silly me - I was trying to read the costume, so I thought it was a giant burrito ...

I thought a frankfurter...Hmmm.

I thought it looked like Twinkie the Kid...

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