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January 31, 2008


You need this.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)

Update: Also this.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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didn't batman have one first?


I wonder what the range is on this thingy. One of these could free me from the incessant assault of the gold damnCamrys® that plague my existence during my daily commutes.

Sure gets plenty of mileage.

*eye roll*

$98k and 75 seconds? I'll take two for the Mile-high Jetpack Club.

Can't have those in Miami. Too many crazy people with guns.

We've come so far....

They might have done better if they had used advanced one-quart resealable plastic bags.

Wow! A Segway with a food people processor attached. Add a beer can holder and give some to a frat house and you have the makings of an incredible slaughter a great Saturday night.

as a crazy person with a gun, i resemble that remark Siouxie.

If they had watched Wile Coyote cartoons they would know this stuff never turns out well.

LOL Meanie! those are classic.

Ass a crazy person with a machete, I ^5 you.

That's fine if you only want to fly two feet off the ground.

Gives new meaning to the name propeller head.

That helicopter seat looks like it could offer the added benefit of a vasectomy.

Liz - you're right. No wonder they refer to copters as choppers.

I need to lie down; I think I just scared myself pretty badly.

I would love to have my own personal helicopter to commute to work . . . but I think the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol Police would likely object to me flying over or past their facilities.

That thing kicks up the dust. What happens when you sneeze? Something not good, I assume.

In that first clip they clapped because he's not yet become chopped liver, right?

OK - so has anyone figured out how he steers that thing? Or is he?

DeskDive - I think he's controlling that thing much like a hang glider pilot controls his hang glider; by shifting his body weight. However, I cannot believe that he's doing so without a great amount of "I hope this works".

Personally, I'm going to hold off on buying one of these until they got it so that I won't accidentally decapitate myself.

I noticed that too, Schade - how he barely made it underneath the tripod when the blades suddenly started revving up. TOO scary!!

My Ex bought a helicopter on Ebay. A real helicopter. He still hasn't actually flown it, but it looks cool in the hangar. Men. *sigh*

I don't think either one of them could make it to the grocery store. And even if it could, how would you carry your stuff home?

The helicopter guy went nowhere. Why would anyone clap?
I guess as Dave said, it's a guy thing...


They clapped because its friggin' awesome.

Women, sheesh!

CG, I believe Batman had both the personal helicopter (although it works better in the comic books) and the jet pack. But then again, I have a seat on the Geezer Bus, so I could be misremembering...

If you say so Pinky. But you could get that high off the ground on a pogo stick.....

El, I think it's the thrust factor. Guys are big on that. Not saying it's logical. Just....you know...guys...

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