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January 29, 2008


Fears for safety prompt famous temple to halt bean-chucking ceremony

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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"you'll put an eye out" practicing some religions...

the "scuffle to get beans"...

Of all the things I'm willing to scuffle for, beans taint one of 'em.

I have a better idea. Dunk them head first backwards into water and hold them there.

Hellooo, take them out of the can before throwing them! How hard is this, really?

"Scuffling for beans" sounds an awful lot like "Bowling for Dollars," or something.

What a bunch of beanie babies.

So, sleazy trial lawyers have infiltrated Japan too?

Beans, beans
They're good for the heart.
Get your head bashed in for 'em
Not too smart.

Beans::Beads as Setsubun::Mardi Gras

[ ]True
[ ]False

Bean ther; done that.

Bean there; done that.

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