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January 11, 2008


Texas Ditch Surfing

(Thanks to CJrun)


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Dang you work place firewall!!!



cj, don't you dare try that with my kids.

Hey, hold my beer and look at this!

Tahnks CJ fpr the great laugh!

That isn't ditch surfing, that is ditch skiing (being pulled on the water). Ditch surfing is where you take a running start and jump on the surf board and measure how far down the ditch you can progress (much like surf boarding at the beach.) It is a real competition. Of course, at the beach you don't have to worry as much about tree roots, water snakes, and other debris floating down the roadside ditch. The wet grass is slick, but the pipe at the driveway can cause a problem.
Naturally, this is only done after the game of tackle ditch football in pouring rain sloshing through the ever increasing muck! What a great life it was in Texas!

In Southern New Mexico (many years ago) we used to water ski in the irrigation ditches. It was great until you got to a bridge or culvert! I guess no one had a surfboard in my neck 'o the woods.

And yes, the State statement in NM is "Hold my beer and watch this"! Cowboy fun!

I grew up in CT. During snow storms, we would wait behind bushes for large trucks. Then run out and grab the rear bumper and "bumper-slide" Great fun until they drove over a dry patch. Man, I miss the guys I grew up with. (Can still see most of them on visiting day)

My very strict Daddy used to pull us behind the family station wagon. It was even better in the winter, on sleds!

The rule is: What Mom doesn't know won't hurt us.

You might be a redneck if...

Sorry, Siouxie, there is no "might" about it.

They are a little more exciting over in the UK.

All you need is some dynomite, a surf board, and a death with.

Of course you know this is good for the wildlife and structures.

Dang, Bob! I wouldn't try it...but I'd watch!

doc phil just did a show on mattress surfing. it seems to be a parent approved activity.

"...and a death with."

Posted by: Bob | 03:09 PM on January 11, 2008


And a lispth?

Yup, people in Texases minds are always in the gutter!

What's on male Texases mind is breastases.

Jeff - you stole my line. Give it back!

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