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January 25, 2008


Wine over the Internet via your USB port!

(Thanks to B Coats)


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I have to pass this one on to everyone I know in France!

If we connect to a German web site can we get beer this way? (First of many guys to have this thought)

Napa Valley immediately surrenders.

(just for you AinP)

C'est chouette, ca!

Now, if we could figure out how to get cheese through our serial port, we would be set.

For some reason the sangria doesn't work. Oh, I'm in Virginia.

Oh, well, the chardonnay goes with the cheese found here on this blog.

Le *hic*


Sacre merde!

*wonders if boss will go for this idea as part of employee health week*

Rats, the USB ports on my computers are sideways, so I won't be able to use this.

How come when the wine comes out of the "tap" it sounds exactly like soda pouring into a glass?

No wonder the French are forever surrendering. They're really just passing out.

USB PORT? A product ofFrance? (I thinkest not.) Does Iberia comes to mind?

Oh well, Any port in a storm!

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