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January 27, 2008


Least-Accurate Opening Line of the Week So Far: "After months of speculation and rumor..."

(Thanks to Just Ducky)


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All dead of prescription drugs by now?

name change to OMOTP: Old Men On The Porch?

Middle Aged Has Beens On the Tour Bus?

New Geezers on the Bus?

Does this mean that somewhere, some day, there will be a comeback by Kevin Federline?

Now Kleenex Off Those Boogers

that is SO not-what-I-was-expecting....

Oh god, please, no...
Not this crap, AGAIN!

YAWN... although I object strongly to middle-aged has beens -- middle-aged happens well after 60, or even 65!

So the Spice Girls comeback wasn't punishment enough for the world so now even less talented hacks have to join in?

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