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January 29, 2008


...is on it way to this lawn-care specialist.

(Thanks to many people)


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How is this a problem???

Oh - wait... it's going to take a long time to get to Florida that way.

He would've needed more than four bottles.

Well...technically...he wasn't driving a car.

What sort of wine?? Mad Dog WD/40?

Did he get to keep his wine? He couldn't drive his mower anymore.

What's the fine for Mowing While Intoxicated?

...and what wine pairs with grass clippings, anyway?

That's how we roll in Michigan!

A nice Chardonnhay

*waves...again @ Hammie*

Chardonnay is my wine.

*snork* Ham!

I was thinking a Pinot Green-io, but it's Michigan. It's snowing. so something white?

Booze and farm implements have never been a good combination. The wine had a nice bouquet of alfalfa with overtones of beet and potatoes.

Kozumplik? Being able to spell his last name has to be part of a sobriety test.

You mean to tell me this is NOT a common practice outside of Florida?

You mean to tell me this is NOT a common practice outside of Florida?

Maybe he was upset 'cause he lost the tractor square dance competition.

If I'm not mistaken this is either the 2nd or 3rd time the riding a lawn mower while intoxicated story has happened in the past couple of months. The funniest was the guy being followed by the police cruiser and listing heavily to one side until he finally fell off. Somewhere George Jones is smiling.

I bet he's going to get a John Deere letter from his wife after that!

Green tractors are my wheels you see
Drunk mowing is the life for me
Liquor stores spaced out,
so far and wide
Keep Mohitos,
just give me a red that's dry.

6 bottles
what I'd like to drink
I'll be sleepin in a smelly clink
I just adore a jailhouse view
Darling, I love you,
leave me your Park Avenue

Wine sale

Make bail

John Deere

5th Gear

I'll run from the cops. In speed OJ is tops.

Green tractors, we are there!

Very nice, Dusty!! LOL

Dusty, what a talent ya got there!

*SNORK!!* @ Lizard - You earned that!!

Dusty - welcome to the ranks of the World-Class Dave Barry Parodheads!!

kozumplik. haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. sounds like a name that mel brooks would make up.

Some guys will do anything to avoid having to mow.

(SNORK!@ Liz)

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