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December 29, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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*thought that counter at Wal-Mart was the Service Counter.*

I never knew W@lM@rt sold educational toys.

What?? don't they all come pre-loaded (heh!) with p0rn??

gotta love that good ole wonderful walmart . .

I feel bad for the little girl.

I also feel bad for me b/c mine came (heh) all empty.

It came loaded with porn. Yeah, right. And dad never tested it the night before and now that he forgot to erase everything figures he and his liar...lawyer friend are going to cash in big time. Merry leap year everyone.

He's holding onto it until he talks to a lawyer. Of course.

Free porn?

*runs out to Wal-Mart*

I thought the Internet was for p0rn not the Ipod (TM thingy)

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