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December 29, 2007


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Wow, judi - two years running!

Yay, Miami! Hip, hip, hoo...hey, get outta my way!

Hey!! I was supposed to be first, you &$#@&s! Get outta the way!

Dallas in the top most courteous cities??? WTFBBQ roads have they been driving on???

Top most courteous drunk drivers maybe.
Top most courteous uninsured drivers most certainly.

Meanie, as soon as I get off this phone call, finish my Happy Meal and refresh my lipstick, it is ON!!

You'll notice that we in Boston are climbing up the ranks. Soon to be #1.

Now that we've won the world series and after we win tonight we'll start training.

They didn't pay close enough attention on their "Safest Cars" list. Some of those are actually considered Trucks by the government.

*Pulls by on shoulder to move into First!*

I knew that.

HOOOONNNNNKKKK!!! Let's get this thread moving again, will ya? Sheesh!

*nudges Meanie into the guardrail, regains First Place*

See ya, sucker! Vroooooom!

LA will never be first. We're stuck in traffic on the 405. Flip someone off out here and you'd better be ready to sit next to them for the next hour on the freeway.

I lived in Los Angeles near Staples Center, and worked in Woodland Hills (20 minutes if no traffic, 1 1/2 hours if traveling between 4:30 am and 2:30am the following morning). I called my daily commute "bird watching" for all the times I saw it fly...

*Drives up an inch from Suzy Q's tail (the metal one), holds up "3M TA3" sign for her to view in rear view mirror. Swerves two wheels up onto guardrail, accelerates and pulls in ahead of her just before bridge abutment*

*Waves to the nice officer with the pretty lights*

*sends a hand gesture Meanie's way just b/c he seems to be so good at this*

NY made the list only because of the dang Jersey commuters.
*holds up '3M 3TI8' sign for Meanie*

I learn from the masters, gjd. Surveys may indicate Miami has the most, but Jersey has the worst.

Proud? OK, well, no ....

near mental simul with Meanie...i gotta lay off the mimosas.

Don't knock Miami completely. After all, there are fun ways to tailgator in Florida.

So true, Annie. NYers never get anywhere because they're always waving others on by, stepping out of the way, etc.

Can someone get me some new eyes? Mine seem to have rolled off somewhere.....

And us Oregonians once again led the other pack. Thank you, thank you very much!

*waves Meanie through*

That's why Jersey drivers are so bad. Their eyes rolled away. Probably why they drive/talk with their arms flailing, too.

Cheryl, a couple threads back, you Oregonians were slugging in the shower. Maybe you get your aggressions out at home, first?

Pfffbt! That's nothing. I live in the land of the aggressive (read: suicidal) pedestrians. People in these parts regularly stand in a busy 4-lane street wiating to cross. I image that partents tell their children stuff like, "Jason, don't stand so far from the road, a car might not hit you."

Ah, flail thi ...er, I mean *SNORK!*@ Annie and all the rest.

*rams Meanie over the bridge abutment, regains First Place*

Hope you can swim!

Here in Austin, we have an eclectic mix of courteous, long-time Austinites and maniacal college students Californians illegal immigrants folks who came from other areas of the country. Adding to our driving entertainment is the population explosion that has far outstripped the abilities of the highway department to build and widen roads fast enough. Although our state, in its infinite wisdom, did allow an unprecedented number of toll roads to be built in our fair city recently, making many people's daily commute easier, but costly.

Just Ducky just texted that from her car.

Annie, we Oregonians do love our dogs--I think that guy was lovin his dog just a wee bit too much. I woulda hit him too.

What doesn't make sense to me is that the dog was in the bathroom in the first place. Having attempted to lose an arm give my dogs a bath in the tub, they won't willingly come within 10 feet of the bathroom door.

Annie, I never text and drive. Although I did see a guy driving down the highway recently who was talking on his cell phone while typing on his laptop. I guess he was driving with his knees.

Pssst Annie, those folks were from Washington.

Cheryl, same thing.
Oh, wait, Oregon is Ducks, right?

And Beavers!

*Dallas in the top most courteous cities??? WTFBBQ roads have they been driving on???

Top most courteous drunk drivers maybe.
Top most courteous uninsured drivers most certainly.

Posted by: ellie | 11:53 AM on December 29, 2007*

I have to agree with Ellie, although I am baffled as to how Houston failed to make the list. I traveled to and from that madhouse 5 days a week for 7 years and trust me, it makes "Mad Max" look like "Driving Miss Daisy".

Off topic...WGN is running the 1st 12 hours of season 5 of "24" (President Handbag, First Lady Ramparts, Chloe finds a taser) today. It started a noon EST so it's only a couple of hours in if anyone is interested. They show the final 12 hours starting at the same time tomorrow. You may now return to running down your particular city's traffic behavior.

Prudence and the melody.

Arbours coloured
by a soft September
breeze delay in
the sunshine of a
beautiful morning,
and a loving
profile presents,
in a moment, the
taste of a dream,
when the dog ate mother's toes.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Doc, since you no longer commute to Houston, they fell off the bad driving list.
Happy New Year, toots.

Right back at ya Annie. And congrats on your new gig as America's funniest columnist. *if a certain somebody hadn't retired awhile back he'd still be #1 ;) *

*Takes break from various errands requiring driving on NJ roads*

*Washes mouth out with soap*
*Rests finger*

uh, ok, thanks....
*adjusts tiara*

Hey Seattle is one of the nicest. Probably because they live in Seattle where everyone is nice and calm, then hyper, nice and calm, then hyper. The calm must happen when driving.

whaddaya lookin heah faw? ya wanna pictcha? it lasts longer. sheesh. actually, most new yawkas are helpful when you axe for directions....but they will friggin run pedestrians over IF THEY GET IN THE WAY. now, get outta the way, fa cryin out loud. one of my fave nyc stories from when i was growing up in queens - i was in the 179th st station in jamaiker, and there was an F train sitting there. lights off, not ready to go yet. the station master called over the pa and said, hey, F train turn yer lights on, get ready... so the guy on the F train turns on the lights, and announces... HI, I'm an F train!! who wants to come along with me!! all the way to brooklyn!! I wasnt taking that train, but i think that dude would make it a fun ride. rather than the usual....bliggytywid Street, next stop, ghtigty Street station, next stop... wha? Street and Station always come out clear. the name of the street? nobody knows.

Imprudence and the Loud Bass

Curses colour
a harsh December
drive, delayed in
traffic on a
game day afternoon,
and a hateful
middle finger presents,
in a moment,
the taste of road rage.


Did you know that trying to post "applauds gjd" makes me comment spam?

Good one, gjd.

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here for the rest of the year.

Good one, gjd! I just got here and saw the poetry spammer. How does the bot not get him?

Cheryl, that's just what I said about the guy and the dog and the shower over on that thread, because I was, once again, attacked by chauvanist Stevie, who I'll still annoyed with over his Chastity Bono remark the other day.
No wonder we've never seen a pic of him. He's probably Ted Nugent.

I predict that after January 2, St. Louis will drop off the most courteous list and will shoot to the top of the least courteous list. That's when I-64 from the County into the City is closed FOR TWO FREAKING YEARS for construction.

I also predict that prescriptions of Xanax will quadruple. In this house alone.

Dallas/Fort Worth courteous??????? What are these people smoking? Have they driven around the metroplex and tried to obey a single traffic law without getting the finger or a wave of a pistol? Get real!!!!!

*Flips SuzyQ & Meanie the finger as I cut 'em off*



I just got jumped by 3 guys and a girl comining back from the pub. one bum finger and a "hey mofo" thought. No, they were not there so is not my bad,

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