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December 24, 2007


Have a Cool Yule.


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Dave, you can't dress a flamingo, like everyone else? Merry Xmas to you, too!

Oh, and that picture needs to go on next year's Christmas cards.

Merry Christmas, Dave!

P.S. Walter needs to hit the beach or tanning booth. He's getting that 'yogurty' look.

santa's looked a bit peaked...

(psst, anyone know how walter get on my front porch?!)

At least he won't have any trouble getting down the chimney!

Heck, he could even squeeze through the mail slot.... Cause, uh, I don't have a chimney.

Dave, you look fab...a smidge thin, but....fab.
A very Merry Christmas to all, whether you like it or not. ;p

Ahem. I would think long and hard before sitting on Santa's lap.

snork--Cheryl said, "long and hard" Hah!

I need to get out more.

WOOHOOO! What a cool looking dude.

Merry Christmas, Dave, Mrs. Blog, Sophie, judi and Santa Walter

I've got the corn bread casseroles in the oven and I'm about to start mixin' up the beer bread!

(yes, crossgirl..someone said beer! ;-P

Good to see Walter is 'wearing a hat' before spreading Christmas cheer.

a buck for the Brach's tie

God bless us, everyone! [limps away]

For a second, Lairbo, I thought Siouxie kneecapped you with Walter. Forgot about the limp-thingie.

Psst! Hey, Lairbo! They're pills that'll help you with that "limp" problem. Just sayin'.

Lairbo has a limp thingie? Perhaps he needs a baculum for Christmas...I happen to know where he can find one with a nice bow on it.


Happy Holidays, Y'all

I, too, wish everyone Merry Christmas and hope that Eid and Hanukkah went well for those of you who celebrated them. For everyone looking forward to Kwanzaa, Habari gani.

On a darker note, semper vigilens, folks.

Merry Christmas to Dave, Judi, Rock Bottom Remainders, all the Bloggers and especially to Walter.

*idly wonders if Walter's already booked for New Year's Eve*

true confessions - I opened a present early. I got a wet vac/steam cleaner! Yay, me!!!


Is that hat made by Trojan™?

Yule Too!

walter the oosik
is a walrus p*n*s bone
dressed up by dave
on all holidays
to kick off a festive tone!

walter the oosik
is a really happy guy
girls glance at him
then at their boyfriends
and let out a wistful sigh...

it must've been quite tragic
to those walri way up north
whose walters turned up missing
they had no means of support!

walter the oosik
lives in florida, but still
'mongst retired folks, he's quite a joke
and much cheaper than a pill!

*snorkcicle* @ insom - you had me at 'walri.'

*clap clap clap* for insom!

*strains to lift flaming Yule Log @ insom*!

"Then one foggy Christmas Eve
Santa came to say,
Walter with your staff a-right,
Won't you guide my sleigh tonight...

How all the walri loved him
And they shouted out with glee
Walter the Walrus Oosik,
You'll go down in his-to-reeeeeeeee"

Limp or no, I'm giving everyone their usual Christmas goose this year. . . Hey, come back here!

*snork* @ insom!!

he's also cheaper than brand new batteries.

Lol, insom!

"Heck, he could even squeeze through the mail slot...."

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Happy All Holidays to All!

S [figure we might as well be on a first name basis by now ;-)]

HappyBlessedMerryJoyousChristmasKwanzaaEidWhatever to All!

*texts BlogGals battery-operated candy canes*

Dave... And a Merry Xmas to you, yours, and Walter! Thanks for the laughs!


Hey, Lairbo!

Thanks, CJ. That'll make a great stocking stuffer.



*smacks Lairbo*

Thanks, CJ. Siouxie, can I trade with you? This isn't my size.

AWB: I'll be right over.

Noche de paz
Noche de amor,
Todos duermen alrededor.....

Oid un son en alta esfuera
En los cielos gloria a Dios.
Y al mortal paz en la tierra,
Canta la divina voz.

En los cielos alabemos
Al eternal rey cantemos
A Jesus que es nuestro bien,
Con el coro de Belen.

Canta la divina voz
En los cielos gloria a Dios!

God bless us every one.

(I prefer to say I walk with a gait and not with a limp. Sort of like I prefer to say I'm not balding, I just like to wear my hair that way.)

Thank you all for putting up with my attempts at humor.

I think I messed that up, but you get the idea.

They serve a mean seafood version of "Con el coro de Belen" at a little cantina in Imperial Beach...

Feliz Navidad to all. Shopping is done. Presents all ordered on-line or too big to wrap. Is the blogbar open? Do we have to wait til 5 pm on Christmas Eve? I'll take a spiked eggnog.

or...."Christ was born with Beth, the hen."

I can't help with the eggnog. CJ cut me off before 9 this morning. *sigh*

*sneaks behind the blogbar and pours for me and daisymae*

*smacks CJ for hiding the spiked eggnog*

Ahhh, gjd, that hits the spot.

(takes a sip)

snork @ annie's 'beth the hen'

"Fleece is worth two million yen."

(has another belt)

Annie, muy bien!

The only little itty bitty oopsie is:

Al eterno rey cantemos.

Other than that - perfecto, mi amiga!

Gracias, mi amiga. I pulled that one from high school Spanish class. Music helps you remember stuff.

Merry Christmas, Dave, from Butte, Mt.
Thanks for another great year of funnies!

gut yomtov, y'all!

Lovely bouganvilla, (sp??) - those pretty pink flowers - Dave!

Happy Christmas to all!

Hey - has anyone ever cooked a turkey upside down? (I mean, THE TURKEY IS UPSIDE DOWN in the oven.)

Does it work? Is it a pain to flip over at the end? I overcooked the turkey last year and it was pretty crunchy. I read that if you cook it upside down it stays jucier?

Good thing you clarified that, Guin. I'm thinkin' everyone in the southern hemisphere has cooked a turkey upside down.

we did last year. it tasted good, but didn't look as nice. I'll take taste any day.

Merry Christmas to all.

Krispy Merrymas and Snappy HoopYear!
I mean....
Creepy Missmas and Snaky PoopBeer!

Pass the eggnog.........

i'll take a spiked eggnog as well! :) happy holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Here is a little advice for guys of the male persuasion. I know it's late, but this is REALLY important (gals, you'll love this!):



Darn it! Okay I'm trying that again...



I can't get the stupid activated links to work, but at least the addresses are correct...

The second one is a Not Safe for Work or a Family Christmas Party.

The first one is titled: What NOT to get your girlfriend/wife for Christmas

The second one is: What you SHOULD get her


Very funny, DavCat!! both videos.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good beer!

Beer bread is fresh out of the oven and smells wonderful. I'll be going to my sister's for "Noche Buena" later on and then, to a friend's. My BIL made the pork and yes, rice and beans are on the menu as well. To add a traditional flair, I made the "Thanksgiving corn bread casseroles" , only tonight, I call them "Noche Buena corn bread casseroles" YUMMO!

Needless to say, I'm hiding my scale tonight.

Siouxie - there must be a breeze - I can smell the cornbread. Thanks for being there for me.

DavCat's Link Numero Uno

DavCat's Link Numero Dos

No hay numero tres!

I love you, man...and our little simul too ;-P

Same here my friend. I love my blog girlfriends. I'm getting you all one of those rabbit bobs. They're grrrrrrreat! El told me.

And guess who told El about them? ;)

El isn't saying.....;)

Nice girls don't BOB kiss and tell.

I was born on Robert E. Lee's Birthday, and was nearly named for him. Sometimes I wonder if my parents did the right thing.

*singin' Me an' Bobby McGee*

What's your point, El? You gonna tell us or what?

*an' laughin'.*

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Some Port for all, "The fifth essence of the Christmas Spirit."

Merry Christmas all! I'm posting this from my new gift from Santy - the new MOTO Q!
So this will either crash the blog or ruin my hf+/xj 9!ka3= oh shi+&62" help...

Congrats, Fed.
Motorola has some great stuff. However, we must deduct points for early Christmas unwrapping. So unless you live in Tonga, you have opened your present prematurely.

Wyo - not sure what the "right thing" would have been. The General was a true hero. (Don't blame the soldiers for what the politicians send them to do.)

Merry Christmas to all...

Uh, Mr. Language Person removes his (soiled) cape and emerges as pogo...

A Merry and Blessed Christmas-and Happy Holidays- to one and all bloggers and the fine folks making this Blog possible.

happy christmachaunukwanzikah dave and walter!!

God bless you, Gerry Mendelbauum.

[--Alan Sherman]

Merry Chrsitmas and a great big thanks to Dave, Michelle, Rob, Sophie, judi, Walter, Ridley and the other RBRs, and all y'all blogistas and blogistos! Y Fleece Nobbybed, tambien. It has been a blast and I look forward to another great year, since looking at it backwards turned the roast upside down and sent it down Annie's street like a Wienermobile all lit up with LEDs that the squirrels were chewing on. I'd blame global coldening but Congress didn't fund any this year.

God bless us, everyone. Some of us will need it more than others! :-)

I'm hiding in the living room, watching Bad Santa, because somebody in the kitchen mentioned dipping balls in hot, melted chocolate.

I'm just gonna take a blind stab at this one.
You dressed a penis (bone?) like santa?
That's brilliant.
I'm never crafty enough to dress my penis up with anything that cool.
Maybe I should reconsider the way I dress...

I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I'm going to.
Thanx for reading.

Joe - or not!

CJ, you can run but there's no hiding. At least it's not hot wax or a machete. They say everything is better with chocolate.

Notmyusualalias - limp gait. hmmm......wonder how Bedard would illustrate that.

Davcat, hilarious.

Merry Christmas, one and all. The blogbar is open and I just made a batch of blognog. yummy!

Darn, Joe, the 'not' was a reference to dressing like Walter, not to reading. dang bot focking. You would think the bot would be off baking spam burgers, checking the list for who is real and who is not, or just bot focking off.

Umm, med, I was talking about dressing up my Wonder Bar.
You know, my Zagnut.
My unit.
My piece.
My staff of healing +5.
My Mr.Goodbar.
My Wing-Dang-Doodle.
My deal.
My junk.
(*Your phallic reference here*)
You know what I mean.

LOL @ junk... what the hell is that? Why would any self-respecting guy refer to "it" as junk? And ftr, btw, you aren't the first one I have heard use that phrase.

But it strikes me as odd, I must admit. I would never refer to my goddess like breasteses as junk. More like gems. just. sayin.

It's just a figure of speech.

You know what I couldn't ever understand?
People who name their genitals.

It just don't make sense to me.

I name my dog, cause it understands it's name.
I have a name, because I can understand my name.

But to name your genitals?
I look at it like this:
Naming your genitals is like naming a spider monkey,
You can call it whatever you want, but it's gonna come when it wants to.

Perhaps I've gone too far....

Merry Christmas to all the blog dudes and blog gals. A special Merry Christmas to Dave, Mrs. Blog, Sophie, Rob, Walter and of course the s.b., queen judi. May Santa grant you all your deepest wishes, as you enjoy the love of your families.


Med, the only time I've heard "junk" used to describe that part of the male anatomy is with the phrase "He/She hit/kicked me in my junk" or one similar in meaning to hit. I did have a friend who referred to his as "Papa Smurf". Seeing as it's Christmas Eve, I'll leave it to you to figure out why he did rather than give his explanation. On a more Christmasy note, we have gotten through the holiday festivities with both sets of grandparents and extended family and now it is down to waiting on Santa to arrive tonight. I love the holidays, but I'm glad they're almost over.

Kick stand.
Joy stick.
Love muscle.
Tonsil massager.
Polish sausage.
Foot long.
Palm reader.
Dip stick.
Navigation system.
Baloney pony.

It's all junk. Thanks for the giggles, though.

Merry Christmas, all. :) Glad to be in your collective continued company! :)

Tonsil massager - funny.
Palm reader - really funny.
Baloney pony - priceless.

That's too funny, you got more names for "wood" than I do.

Well, I'm off to torture the cats with my gift from the wife. I begged her for one of those miniature radio controlled helicopters you can fly in the house and lo and behold she actually got it for me. My first test flight begins in t-minus 5 minutes. Merry Christmas to Dave, Judi, their families and all of you wonderful and hilarious people who run around in here daily. Life is made more tolerable everyday because of each and every one of you. May God bless each and all of you and those you love in the coming year.


To all my wonderful blog friends. You all bring such joy and laughter into my life. I wish nothing but the best for the coming year.

God Bless you all and your loved ones.

Dave, judi and your families...Feliz Navidad!

Siouxie: Thanks for being so "Claire Martin" here :)
Merry Christmas!!!

hmm thanks, PB (I think) :-P

Merry Christmas to you too!

100! And Merry Christmas Wyo, WriterDude, my fambly in Denver (pity about the game), and everyone!

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