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December 28, 2007


Now they're using fondue.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Is "fondue" British for turkey fryer?

*stifling a snork* How embarrassing. At least it wasn't one of the big chocolate fountains. That would have been sad.

can I make a turducken?

Thaw everything first. Make sure that you aren't close to any buildings that you don't care to ignite. Don't try it if you are in or near California who really doesn't need to have a turducken-related wildfire and have another visit from the President.

Very funny... Hah!!! Serious burns!!! What a hoot!!!

And what was a 15 year old doing with a couple in their 40's that involved hot oil??

Since no one else has mentioned it, Exploding Fondue WBAGNFARB, of course.

Good point about the chocolate, gjd.

Gah! I sent this in too! Honest!

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