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December 27, 2007


Ukulele quest approaches its end

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Dave, are you on the ski lift? Don't drop your razberry in the snow, for goodness sake!

What? No mention of Tiny Tim.... the king of the ukulele?

Who wrote this?

I wonder if she's related to George Formby.

A ukelele concert every day of the year?

*Wonders how many times the audience consisted of dogs, cats, and stray geese in the park.*

I am anxiously awaiting her triumphant finish!

(actually filing my nails, but with the same enthusiasm)

AD writes: "What? No mention of Tiny Tim.... the king of the ukulele?

Who wrote this?"

Probably someone who didn't grow up with Johnny Carson on Tellie: A BRIT!!

Tiptoe through the tiny wee tulips with me...

"*Wonders how many times the audience consisted of dogs, cats, and stray geese in the park.*"

Not for long, it wouldn't....

PS The poor, tiny wee cat's poor, tiny wee ears!

Hopefully she sings better than Tiny Tim did...

OT, but holy crap! Benazir Bhutto was assassinated.

Let me guess = she plays the Blues, and being Scottish, the choruses will all contain the line

"...and I'm gettin' just a wee bit depressed over it."

*fears for the safety of other skiiers in Dave's path, as he is evidently holding either a) his craptastic, magical blogging phone or b) a laptop instead of c) poles*

Mind the moguls!

So far, I have been one hundred percent successful in my quest to avoid spontaneous ukulele concerts for a year. Only nine days to go.

I wonder if she's related to George Formby.

Posted by: Mot the Hoople | 10:52 AM on December 27, 2007

Just wanted to let you know that I got the reference Mot. Somewhere around here we have some George Fromby 78's.

Us geezers need to stick together Al. However, I'd be careful about admitting to owning George formby 78's in polite company.

"...audience consisted of her pet cat - who does not like ukulele music. "

wow a rare sign of good taste from an animal best known for licking its own butt.

Susy Q - I know. Horrible, isn't it?

And while "Guitar Hero III" still sells like hotcakes at $69.95, "Ukulele Quest" languishes in the discount bins for $9.99. There is no justice.

"Susy Q - I know. Horrible, isn't it?

Posted by: Eleanor | 11:44 AM on December 27, 2007"

Yes it is. And I'm sitting here wondering what it says about me that I, personally, have instead been teary-eyed about the poor tiger they had to shoot at the SF Zoo. I mean, I'm sad about the humans, too, but I love tigers and I once got to visit (with about a zillion other folks who bought memberships that year) Prince Charles, the white Siberian tiger at that very same SF Zoo. They brought him from the now dreaded outside enclosure to his inside cage... he was just gorgeous.

Yep. Earth-shattering world events, a horrible politcal assasination, and I'm focused on the big puddie cats...

... her audience was her cat... and some of my greatest adventures and discoveries have gone unnoticed just because I was alone at the time.

Since y'all insist on mentioning it here on the blog, I'm going to repeat what I've said on the blogits forum. I deplore the fact that increasingly the people of this planet believe that problems can be solved by violence.

Yes, Mot, and it's people at all levels of power (or powerlessness).

Sorry, Mot. I'd go talk about it all elsewhere, but everybody's still away for the holidays. (And strangely, I've never gotten much understanding when upset over an animal :)

And I agree with you about the violence part.

Multigenerational Snork at SW --

In the midst of man's inhumanity to man and animal, I wanted to point out that a local high school speech team went to a home for children who have been abused and put on a great one hour entertainment show. The high school kids organized themselves into a couple of vocal and instrumental groups, created a "Night Before Christmas" mini-play and the high schooler magician did a great performance was better than many professionals.

After the high school group was done, almost 60 large bags of toys, games and clothes the group brought with them will be distributed. For some of the kids in the home, it would be a little too intense and overwhelming.

Yeah, the planet sucks a lot of the time. I'm putting a lot of hope in today's kids to muck it up less than we have.

Good kids! Good for them!

Here's a another great classic from Tiny Tim.... This song was on Sponge Bob so you know it's cool:


OK, now my faith in a portion of humanity is restored and I am now able to enjoy laughing SW's post about Ukulele Quest.

the highlight of her concert is that hawaiian favorite ,"Aloha, Och!"

Please tell me this was not the reaction to Bhutto's assassination - Bhutto killing worries Pakistan investors, markets

read wrong - you don't read the financial news much, do you.

@ "Read it Wrong"

I used to get angry when the news went to the stock market reaction to world tragedies, i.e. 9-11, until I understood the real consequence.

In this case, a financial collapse in Pakistan could fuel terrorism.

This isn't about greed.

Could be worse. She could have hired a Bagpiper and Gongist as accompaniment.

I was in the ATL airport this morning and thought I heard an announcement about the assassination, but then thought...no...I must be hearing things. I saw suzyq's post and turned on the news. Do you think any of the candidates in the US would run for office if they had to face that kind of threat? I share all the sentiments above about her killing.

Re: tiger - somebody scr*wed up. Animals only do what they were born to do, then they pay the price for a human mistake.

And, snork @ sw!

I don't pretend to understand the political issues in Pakistan.

The entire region from the Arabian peninsula around to the "Stans" is such a political/religious mess that it's hard for anyone one who hasn't lived there to understand it.

/end vague commentary on mid-east situation

OT - this just in - I've just been notified that the definition of 'lactose intolerant' is when someone can't stand a person who is missing toes.
We now resume our previously scheduled program, Wii Boxing, already in progress.

We boxing??? nooooo...we watching tv.

snork @ lack o' toes!

One has to wonder if

1) Was she playing in San Diego lately?

2) If so was one of her "cats" a tiger?

I mean the news reports said that they were
questioning if the tiger had been "aggravated or

Amer - I also immediately felt more upset about the tiger than the people. The tiger was just doing what tigers naturally do. The people should know better.

psssst AKR - the tiger was in San Francisco.

There is some speculation that the tiger was released by a person or persons unkown.

I remember reading when that tiger mauled Siegfried or Roy (I can't remember which one got attacked), that the last thing he said before he passed out was "Do not kill the tiger!"...

Because he knew it wasn't the tiger's fault. So they didn't put her down....

In this case, I read/heard a report that they had to kill the tiger because it was marauding amongst the zoogoers and was in the midst of an attack at the time.

What's all this then? Tigers assasinating world leaders with ukuleles???

Geez...you get away from the TV for one lousy afternoon...

I've got a minute during my fight with Darwin and all H-E-double hockeysticks broke loose!!

Meanie, I too have gone a whole 'nother year without a ukelele concert. Here's to making 2008 ukelele-free as well!

How about they throw in an accordion and some bagpipes? Now that would be an awesome band...

I could even play the kazoo as back-up.... But I wouldn't want to show them up or anything.

I think wax paper and comb would be an excellent addition to the ukulele.

Never heard the wax paper and comb....

A washboard might be cool too. Or a spoons player.

I can just see the MTV video now! (Not that they ever show videos on MTV).

I can clang on the cowbell Cuban cazuelas

Careful, Siouxie - I hear most Cubans find that painful.

Snork @ Punkin!

Maybe that's the idea... Get those high pitched squeals going.....

AD, don't forget the gong.

Punkin, I have LOTS of padding (iykwim) ;-)


"audience consisted of her pet cat - who does not like ukulele music." I know Dave doesn't think much of cats, but in this case, I'm sure the cat has his reluctant support of her position.

Also sorry about the tiger. And the politician.

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