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December 31, 2007


...but we're thinking maybe this guy is single.

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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Experiment my @ss! He's too damn lazy to take out the trash. So yes, he IS single and will stay single.

Its only a problem if he keeps it in a room in his house. Now if he keeps it on his annoying neighbour's front lawn...

I wonder if he kept the 98lbs of waste water as well. Either way, his apartment must have a wonderful oder. I bet the other folks in his complex are overjoyed. I know I would be.

That is 98lbs per day of waste water.

This guy has stumbled upon the solution to human civilization's ecological problems! I quote, "Derfel said he eventually hopes to donate his accumulated waste to a sculptor." Apparently, trash is bad, but sculpture is okay. All we have to do is redesignate all landfills as art galleries. Problem solved!

No thanks.

It's always good to have a hobby.

The sculptor would have to be single as well.

Hey, maybe he can grind it all up into confetti and dump it onto Times Square!

Maybe he wants to create this.

completely ot, but since no one else seems to be using the thread...

Went down to my mailbox after the pat's game Saturday and there were 5 deer in the yard across the street. Totally cool. They saw me and meandered across the street, through my next door neighbor's yard and back into the woods.

fivver - reminds me of the time a bunch of peacocks and peahens were marching down the street in front of my house.

I once saw 4 elk in front of our house, but they were there to pick my father up and take him down to the club for a meeting.

Does it concern anyone else that this man's profession is caterer?

Brokeback moment with a cowhand...

fivver that's one of the reasons why we love living in the country (besides having no neighbours). Besides the deer we have rabbits, coyotes, skunks, raccoons and many different types of birds ranging from little chickadees to medium sized woodpeckers to large Canada geese.

Back in MN, we had rabbits running all over the place even in the city. In the winter they'd leave easy-to-follow tracks in the snow.

Here in Miami, we're used to watching our local wildlife meandering. Most of the time they're just drunk.

This man obviously has no children. The amount of trash, I mean papers, that they bring home from school would have completely filled his apartment. In a week.

He's known as Lord of the Flies.

*snork @ iggie's elk*

Not to boast too much but we get the occasional baboon bent on mischief, then there are leopards who are fond of taking small dogs. Most of the mines, the major electricity supplier and some large organizations allow buck such as springbok, impala, kudoe, eland and wildebeest to raom free on their properties so they are quite a common sight as well. Down in Cape Town there are baboons who've learnt how to open car doors and they absolutely terrorise unsuspecting visitors into feeding them.

This time of year I don't know my a's from my o's.

Wow, Mot, just like in LA.


*imagines a baboon car jacking*

Arctic Al, We live in the NJ suburbs and we've had all those animals (except the coyote) in our neighborhood. As well as fox, opossum, deer, turkey vultures, hawks, and a few blocks away, a herd of cattle.

so Mot ...do you show her the "A" face instead of the "O" face?

Since we've moved on to animals, this is for our cat lovers.

"Derfel said he eventually hopes to donate his accumulated waste to a sculptor."

Thank God I can't sculpt for my life.

I'd just like to say that I'm enjoying the name "Derfel."

Say it a few times and it's funny... "DerfelDerfelDerfel." See? Fun.

and 'art derfel' = 'elf retard'...

derfel saved garbage. could be agnfarb or derfel's trash collection. derfel's gotta be in there. kinda like the farkles.

Isn't it spelled Dorfl?

0nce @g@in I @m comm*nt sp@m.

Soooo, he composted his food scraps.

For a year.

In an apartment.

With which he naturally fertilizes his...what?

Dear Berkley Police:

Please check his walk-in closet for grow lights.

So, should this guy ever get married (and we know that is highly unlikely), his dowry would be his very own personal Mount Trashmore? How romantic!

Dire Deer Warning - if you have deer walking around suburban neighborhoods, you probably also have a traffic hazard. Be careful, especially at night.

cowhand....everything about this article disturbs me...*goes off to dust and straighten medicine cabinet, since it's been 2 days*

CJrun.....that was my first thought, man...peace out

Have a friend with this problem. His parents never clean up. I have never seen the inside of the house. The backyard was enough for me.
If they found a spot of floor on the room, they named it like a pet. It had the expected life span of a goldfish.
There are rooms my friend has never actually entered since childhood because of the mass of garbage.
Then His parents have the audacity to complain about crazy people on the streets, "Why doesn't the government come and pick them up!"

My friends sister once yelled at me for dropping a piece of paper and not picking it up. And I mean screamed, and acted in every evil way she could.

This really struck home to me, how much we need to learn to take care of our own garbage.

If there is no such thing as away, Where was I last week?

Away can be taken apart pretty easily. A as in To Go or To, and Way as in Another place.
Artistic types very rarely look up the freaking word they are complaining about.

Couldn't this guy just lease a garbage bin? He!!, he could probably a gov't grant to pay for it, then write a best selling book about how we are all pieces of sh!t. I think I'll do this.............naaaaaaaaaaaah.

I need to get a get

I'd like to help but all I have are four got's, 3 give's and one gave. I used all my ___'s for Christmas.

Kids, if you're gonna throw into double-coverage all day long, then Mohawk is probably not the best hairstyle to unveil for your big bowl game appearance. Perhaps you should wear a bag over your head, instead: a garbage bag, of course.

Ari says to himself
i'm one defrl, one derfl
Oh, so one derfl myself

Stevie - I haven't heard that in 100 years. I'm amazed you came up with that.

It took 7 hours, but someone found a song in it...^5, SW!

Yay, Stevie!

Trash to the left of me
Garbage to the right
Here I am
Stuck in the middle--P.U.!

Well folks, I'm about to get ready to head out to dinner and hang out with some friends. If I'm not here before midnight, let me just wish you all a very SAFE and HAPPY New Year's and the very best for 2008. Hope it doesn't suck as bad as this one did. ;-)

Smoooooooooochies to all and drinks are on me tonight.

Love you guys!

Dilemma: Party at friends' house tonight. Only New Year's party we ever go to - low-key, nice friends, great time. I really want to go but --- I have the Tubercular Coughing Illness of Death. Go to friends', or stay home and watch Stooge marathon??

Happy New Year, Siouxie! Have fun and be safe!

Guin, I'm so sorry you're sick. I vote for snuggling up with Larry, Moe & Curly. Hacking in a crowd of people is no fun. For anyone.

Heading out myself, Siouxie. However, I will be back sooner than you. Way sooner. My New Year begins around 10:00 PM, 2200 hrs for you military types. That is when my head hits the pillow and I will awaken in 2008. Three and one-half hours to go.

I am preparing food to keep us going. I am willing to bet that g, j, and d stay awake and that Mr. gjd and I do not.

*puts wiener wraps, peach pie, coloured marshmallows, and beer bread on the blogbar*

(Yes, I know it is an odd combo, but so are my kids. Everybody is happy, so life is good.)

Guin, it's a huge bummer, but you should probably stay home. Snuggle up with a hot drink and some yummy munchies. You've still got the blog party.

I'll be staying home. Still exhausted from Christmas activities. And I'll be wondering if the "I" in Mr. Igloo's name is a significant change for 2008. :)

Happy New Year, everyone!

*zips out*

oops, changed back.

never mind

Guin, is that the "drowning in snot" Tubercular Coughing Illness of Death? I have it too. Yuck!

Oh, I forgot. Happy (cough cough) New Year everyone.

"I haven't heard that in 100 years."

Pogo (5:46p) - You mean your proctologist doesn'r put on Johnny Mathis when he tells you to turn to the side and cough? (Courtesy Johnny Carson, circa 1972. Hey-ooooo!!!)

"It took 7 hours, but someone found a song in it."

cj(6:02pm) - "If a tale ain't got a song in it, it ain't worth tellin'. (Courtesy Granpappy Amos, circa 1959.)

Not sure I see what's so unusual about that. I save $ on trash pickup (it's not tax-funded gov't service here) by accumulating bags of trash and recyclables in the basement and shed for the annual trip to the recycling center / dump.

Oh, in his apartment?? Well, never mind, then.

P.S. to JEC666: "Remember, wherever you go, there you are!"

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