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December 29, 2007


Women say they'd go to jail to get skinny, mag finds

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who comments: "Women, nuts or insane?")

(Please note: That comment came from Jeff Meyerson, not this blog)


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85% would stroll through life with an extra toe to keep off the pounds.

Wait! wouldn't that extra toe add some poundage??

oh and...


Thanks for ratting me out, Dave.

*pictures Siouxie in jail with shaved head*

What's the matter with these chicks? How about a little exercise (even just walking the dogs) and not eating quite so much? It's worked for me for 57 years.

What's the matter with these chicks? How about a little exercise (even just walking the dogs) and not eating quite so much? It's worked for me for 57 years.

Fitness Magazine: birdcage liner or fishwrapper?

Okay, here's another 2,038th sign of the apocalypse.

*hopes Annie and Siouxie won't smack me for that*

Meanie - birdcage liner

Scott - I like the interesting design (the one that is named that)

I just finished several Wii games so I will leave my toes, hair, and criminal record alone.

Yeah, DrR, sort of a Japanese/Greek design.


Scott, I also like that it incorporated the apple rather than just have an apple stuck on Mona Lisa's neck, for instance.

That's pretty cool, scott.

And Christine, you are SOOOOO right. BTW, you look mahvelous, not a day over 28 - I would have carded you at the restaurant (which caught fire, yet again last night)!

I don't know if the fires are due to the saute cook, faulty equipment or tater tots, but I have never seen so many fires in the kitchen in less than a week.

*SMACKS Scott*

That BM was a sneeeeeeeeeeeaky link!!

Do they sell pocket-sized fire extinguishers? I'd like to recommend that you get a couple for yourself. Sounds like some pyros work at your restaurant, Med!

the prisons in this country are missing out...

"Want to slim down ? It's called "The Big House" but you won't be after one of our 2 to 6 week vacations (with time off for thin behavior)! Communal eating and living facilities provide a 'support system' for your quest to health, and fitness. Plenty of fresh air in 'the yard' ,an opportunity to meet the 'general population' and an atmosphere of suppressed rage and s*xual tension will have those pounds dissolving along with the bonds that define civilized society! So walk in a chubby productive citizen, and walk out a slim, drug-addicted, woman 'with a past' today!"

Med! What the heck's going on in KC? Fire in the hole? Twice?

*smacks scott*
*smacks jeffy*
jeffy's wife - nuts or insane?

Anne Sirkin, 37, of Holmdel, N.J., admitted she'd spend time behind bars and also cut off all her hair.
"I'd do that for sure," she said. "Hair grows back."

So does fat, chiquita. So does fat.

It's all about self-esteem. If you respect yourself, you don't abuse food, booze, drugs, religion, etc. Easier said than done, but...booger.

Now excuse me while I go ice my hand. Too much smackin' to do lately.

So, Jeff, how's that whole sleeping-on-the-couch thing working out for ya?

Really sad, actually. Maybe it's because I'm female, but I didn't find this funny at all--it just made me sad.

Eleven toed skinny women!!! Do you have the URL?

*SMACKS MCSP 999*, just for the heck of it.

Even inexpensive chicken is now in decline after so many years of rapid growth.

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