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December 28, 2007


It gives dangerously boring creative people an outlet.

(Thanks to Larry Martell)


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Wow. CDs used to be a lot bigger in "the old days".

those were good, really. i liked the kiss one a lot. very clever.

So you can give us your assurances that the Rock Bottom Remainders will never stoop to such an inspired incredibly lame form of ad pitch?

That was one of the best ones, queensbee. But some of those folks need to clean their rooms before having those pics. posted for the world to see!

I think the billy joel album should be in there....the entertainer one....

I agree Chaz!

Some of those are pretty cool though.

Might want to note that one of the pics is a bit NSFW.

Protect the morons who call everyone to look at the page before looking over it all themselves.

About a quarter of the way down...the lime green album with the cartoon face. "Songs about ----ing" I'm probably niave, but are there really that many songs about it?

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