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December 30, 2007


Man blames accident on pterodactyl.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Surprisingly, alcohol was involved, minimally.

How's the gravity, Dave? Blogging from the emergency room? I hope not! Grab a Bloody Mary by the fire.

Blogging before Mass and I get here first? Unbelieveable! Where are you slackers? I gotta get moving so I can "Be Back Soon". Show tune alert. Some of you could end up with an earwig if you know the tune.

I hate when that happens.

If you can spell it, you are free.

If you can spell it, you are free.

Well, sure! Everyone knows alcohol causes Pterodactyl sightings.

No? It's just me? Well, never mind then...

man, i knew this would happen.

every time Petey escapes something like this happens.

Petey, get your jurassic ass home now or i'll turn you into a fossil!

Actually, that's only about 20 minutes away from where I work. While I can't vouch for that driver, there is all sorts of crazy stuff in the Wenatchee Valley, so I wouldn't be overly surprised if there actually was a pterodactyl involved.

is he sure it was a ptero, petereo, um big prehistoric monster? maybe it was elvis?

Maybe it was a specially designed kite.

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