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December 29, 2007


Key Quote: She told him if the dog wouldn't stay out, she didn't want to be his girlfriend anymore. He replied that maybe his next girlfriend would appreciate the dog more, and called her a name.

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What name did he call her??

Why don't they tell us what name he called his next girlfriend?

The police report said the woman punched him in the face several times and the man dislocated his shoulder when the naked couple grappled.

Naked Grappling WBAGNF... never mind.

Called her a name?

Whut sorta Sunnava ... um ... nevermind ...

Why was this the woman's fault? ($50K bail...ouch!)

Dog people and non-dog people should not engage in intimate relationships.

This is really an issue that should be resolved before getting into the shower together.

I guess it really boils down to why he wanted the dog to "join them in the bathroom"....

On the up side: there are no dogs of the canine variety in the jailhouse shower and maybe she will cut weight while she is there.

My thought exactly, Scott! I think maybe she's well shed of him.

What's wrong with that? My pu$$y is always with me when I shower.



Sioux, I've been to your house several times, and I never saw a cat.

Cat People, wasn't that a movie with Natashia Lovinglipsky?

Why do they always arrest the wrong person? It's clear that the boyfriend started all this and she was only trying to defend herself. And what if the name he called her was the really bad, bad word you should never call a woman? If it was, he's lucky to be alive.
/end rant

El, are you referring to Mike?

ScottMGS... *cough* Indeed!

dot dot dot

Sounds like he was a sh!t, Sioux shi-tzu.

"Why do they always arrest the wrong person? It's clear that the boyfriend started all this and she was only trying to defend herself."

El, are you sure you're really a FCDA? You must have read a different article.

SW, she beat him up because he wanted her to have sex with his dog.


Maybe he thought she was into ruff sex.

Seriously...he wanted the dog in the bathroom while the two humans went in the shower together. Where do you see anything about sex between the woman and the dog.

Mrs. Layzee and I shower together every day. And the cats sit there and watch us. Fortunately we very rarely call each other a bad name. (Although we do nakedly grapple on occasion).

Well, lz, that's a whole different animal.

Dog in the bathroom? Nowhere near as annoying as having the dog lick the wet spot clean.

And to that, even I say...yuck!!

testing ... again ...

testing... if this works Dave, Judi, and the bot are gonna kill me...

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