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December 31, 2007


Maybe they should bring that concept back.

(Thanks to Guin)


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Do you suppose he was taking a shortcut to the hospital...for his 'medical emergency' (which may have involved alcohol).

Hmm..no I don't remember that, old man.

Was there a Kennedy involved?

If Ten Kennedy drove a VW Beetle he may have been president back in the 70's.

VW's used to float?! Huh!

I think National Lampoon ran this ad.

Fivver, all comedy is stolen. Ask Dave.

OwSnork @ Fearless Leader for the Kennedy crack

Anyone who viewed this article on the channel 10 website earlier today may have become infected with a Java Exploit (Similar to a virus) unless thier Java version, Windows and antivirus software were up to date.

File is named "script[1].js" and is a JS/Snz.A Trojan according the CA Antivirus.

The amazing thing is they recovered 2005 cars.

I hate that when you regain consciousness underwater. Yawn... Stretch... Blink... Blink... ... ... what the... hey!!! blub...

As I recall, the ad stated "Even though a Volkswagen can definitely float...it can't float indefinitely."

I have my own geezer bus - a VW, natch!

i have a 65 bug 12 volt and put a 1500 cc motor in it it is a 12 volt starter do i need to put a diff stater on it are there only one kind 1300 cc or 1500cc

I have some videos that say "includes third party content" and others that say "blocked in some countries" (due to copyright).. Is it still possible for me to become a partner (considering I have all of the other requirements filled). regards

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