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December 29, 2007


An Idaho firehouse is threatened by burning Tater Tots.

(Thanks to Hrunting and Gary)


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I've another, very personal reason for hating tater tots. but that's for another place.

The bar in Big Horn (next to the fire hall) burned down for much the same reason.

This sounds like a very interesting story, Wyo, b/c I'm pretty sure it is almost unAmerican to hate tater tots.

Wyo - I'd love to know why you hate tater tots....

TaterTots are PEOPLE!!! Oh, wait a minute, that's Soylent Green. Nevermind.

How does Mr. Potato Head feel about the treatment given to the tots? And where were the squirrels at the time?

Suzy, I get those mixed up all the time too.

test post from newfangled windows cellphone, please carry on with witty comments.

Well, I'll be darned! It works! This alone makes the phone and plan upgrade worth more valuable than gold!

*does happy dance and then wanders off to bed to dream of being back in blogtouch again*

"The Burning Tater Tots" WBAGNFARB

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