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December 26, 2007


It means you need a bigger house.

(Thanks to Expat_Canuck)


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My first night in a week when I can get online and I'm all alone out here?! *sigh* Oh, phooey.

The first time I can get online in a week and I'm all alone out here?! *sigh* Phooey.

Asian are making fun of us again.

The first time I can get online in a week and I'm all alone out here?! *sigh* Phooey.

The first time I can get online in a week and I'm all alone out here?! *sigh* Phooey.

DD you need to defrag your Post finger.

AND I got botted FOUR times. Crimus.

dave...tear down this wall.

*snork* @ Reagan rascal

Good, Lord. I don't really think I want to get that familiar with my perky new's team's plastic surgery scars...(Except, of course, for the lovely Jean Enerson. I love the fact that she's decided to age gracefully, and not resort to the stretching that has made Barry Manilow, Joan Rivers and Bruce Jenner look like triplets.)

"Living Room Dominator" WBAGNFARB. Or Amy Tan in rehersals.

(Note to self - re-read your posts before hitting the button...)

Sneaks apostrophe from new's.

"I don't really think I want to get that familiar with my perky new's team's plastic surgery scars..."

Lol, k. Btw, my old friend Mr. Pythagoras tells me the screen is a rectangle 10 feet across and 7.5 feet high. So them're gonna be some larger-than-life scars.

Gee,now the masses can be brainwashed in a way that's larger than life. How exciting.

Does the idea of watching the Stanley Cup finals on such a mammoth screen sound like pixilated paradise to you?

No, more like mammoth boredom.

150"! I guess there can be such a thing as too big, NTTAWWT. Anyway, as neither of the teams likely to play are on my hit parade, I'll only be watching the half time ads and hoping for a wardrobe malfunction from a nubile young lady.

Good morning, all! It is a beautifully rainy looking day here in Georgia. I hope you all have the weather or your choice as well.

*tsk tsk* Mot, that was a couple of threads back. ;-)

How does 85 degrees in the shade grab you, gjd?

WOW, guys! Now you too can have your very own Jumbotron. *pictures the blog guys sitting too close and waiting for a superbowl flasher*

Truer than ever - the medium IS the message.

Mot, that sounds nice...but I am not going to complain about this rain for one instant! We need it so badly.

You know, the guys sit too close to a screen that size, they're likely to miss something on one end of it while they're watching the other.

"Truer than ever - the medium IS the message."

Wasn't that "Massage

*snags CRLF after Massage*

gjd - no rain up here in Marietta yet. What part of town are you in?

We're in LaGrange, which is about an hour south of the airport.

Nothing here in Suwanee either. Had some sleet on Christmas Day...

We had rain almost all day on Christmas.

Medium? 150" is more like XXXXL

gjd - thanks. I have an old friend in LaGrange. If you have rain it's on the way here. The moist air is coming up out of the Gulf.

Just think, Punkin...that tv is almost big enough to contain your girls' flashing.

Please, please, please, please can I have one? Can I, can I, can I, Can I?

I'm waiting for the TV that has the Iggles in every super bowl. I don't care how big it is.

Lol, pogo. A typo of amazonian proportions.


I'd love to watch hockey on that thing! But I don't think any of my walls are big enough...

I have a nearly high def projector and I project it to about 120" and NHL hockey is awesome on it. There's nothing like being able to follow the puck ALL the time!

Also, movies are better than being in the theater, even though I don't have have any HD DVDs and I only use the upconversion - I saw The Bourne Ultimatum last night - wow!

Reminds me of a Weird Al song "Frank's 2000 inch TV".

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