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December 27, 2007


(Thanks to Bryce Donovan)


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My father and I played this yesterday, but there are too many levels. It gets ull fast.

I didn't quite get the point...?

Ok...I got a traveler IQ of 84 and only got to the 4th level.

same here.

IQ 84. I missed advancing to level 5 by only 500. Dang!

Hee hee. Traveller IQ 138, final score 624,377. Being a geography nut finally pays off. Well, kinda.

Now if only I could afford to travel to some of those places...

I got an IQ of 124 at the 11th level with almost 500,000 points. Those tiny towns in Australia are nasty!!

Small spoiler: You ain't going to finish the last level if you don't know where Bouvet Island, Norway is.

Hoo gnu New Zealand was over there? Stoopid NZers should move thousands of km west to bump up my IQ.

I got 88 on the 5th level.

Did okay with NZ but those African cities exposed my weaknesses in geography. Well, I did nail Cairo within 42km, but the others -- ouch. Got 27,000-odd points, not enough to advance to level nine. Pretty sad. (And I missed where the IQ was shown, sorry.)

I didn't pass level 12. Palau didn't show up on my map. And they had the wrong answer for some locations. Victoria BC is on Vancouver island.

This is NOT my Jeopardy category.

Got to level 10. One problem is the map is too darn small to get really close even when you know where it is.

And those African ones are tricky.

Hel-lo? It told me my "guess" for where Miami is was 195 miles away from its location. Is my head up my ass? I freakin' LIVE here!

I failed on level 10 again, with an IQ of 112.

Darn those African countries!

Time to start playing Carmen Sandiego again.

I got through level 10. Coulda done better if the graphics were better. The islands in the ocean were not even perceptible, so it was basically just putting the cursor somewhere in the blue area.
I also could have done better if I had realized before now that I have a giant world map on the world right behind my computer. Doh!!

Of course, I meant to say "map OF the world". Kinda reminds me of the Steven Wright joke: I have a map of the US in my room. It's actual scale.

Those African cities are hard enough without them changing their names after every coup!

Final Score: 455,551
Final Level: 11
Travel IQ: 120

I stink at teeny, weeny islands. Personally, I like the African ones. Russia, China, India and Canada are so big that it's easy to get way off target.

Level 10
IQ 112.

If you play it many times in a row, like I did, it becomes like a more complicated game of "concentration." (Now where did that flag for DPRC show up last time?)

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