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December 12, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Ooooh! Now they need to make 'em all red and green and make the first hit Christmas cat song a hit!

But can it catch electric mice?

Poooooooor kitties!!!!

Great way to make a cat look even more evil.

Maybe it'll make it so they don't get stepped on when they choose to park in the middle of the floor in the middle of the night.

I have a black cat and in the dark she is pretty much a Ninja...

Thank God she likes me. Everybody else, not so much....

I have a black cat, too. If his eyes aren't open, you can't see him at all.

Is it bad luck if a black light cat crosses your path?

As if cats weren't evil enough...

except my new little gorgeous kitty, Sushi ;-)

If karma plays, may those "researchers" come down with some kind of viral or radiation poisoning for their efforts...

Yeah, that's the way it is with my cat.... If she is sleeping on my bed I can't see her to save my life...

I love animals. Actually, I suppose I should say mammals, because I don't really care for bugs or reptiles. Anyhow, I am very, very against animal testing. I can just about handle testing drugs on them in a normal way because I'd rather have an animal have a reaction than a person (unless, of course, I can pick the person). This is just sick. Why would you want to do this? Why not grab the phosphorescent algae and clone it? /rant
I'm not sure why you'd want a glow in the dark kitty. While it would be nice not to trip on them, mine like to sleep on my chest up next to my face so the first few nights I'd wake up and see a glowing being on me and probably wet myself. And scream.

MareBear, I think I'd be screaming if I saw my kitten come at me in the middle of the night...glowing.


I'm with the black cat group. Mine is easy enough to hide. If he's not on my lap or lazing somewhere close, I have to go find him. If he were glowing...he'd be very lonely! That's just nuts!

And the practical uses of this discovery would be...??

*draws a blank*

Good to hear that your kitty has a name, Siouxie. Does she have you wrapped around her paw yet? If not, I'm sure my kitties could give her some hints :)

Yes! A picture, post a picture of Sushi for us PLEEEEZ...!

The practical use would be the same for the green glowing pigs - nothin' but bragging rights.

An important point, though: These cats don't "glow in the dark". They glow when UV light is shining on them. The only way you won't stumble over them at night is if your hallway is bathed in UV light. Not a common bulb at my house.

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