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December 27, 2007


We link; you decide.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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My 56 year old toaster is toast!

"What should I write about today, Chief?"

"Oh, whatever pops up."

How does one come up with a news story like this? Did they submit it to the paper? Is there a roving appliance reporter?

Ipswich is a slow everything town.

gjd, that would be one way to fill TV time during the writers' strike: Roving Appliance Reporter!

Or maybe not.

Dees ees a Pull Itz Zer weeener fur shure!

Hang on. I'll be right back. There is someone at the front door asking me about my blender. With a picture this could make the front page of the local paper!

The toaster will fit right in with the decor in that house with the pink toilet.

They sure don't make appliances the way they used to.

*Hops on geezer bus and heads off to Dennys*


One word: Webcam.

I'm with Jeff, anyone who's been to Ipswitch would know it's sooo sloooow there the clocks need ampheds!

I think Ipswich is most famous for being the palindrome of Bolton.

Ipswich toaster ==>
Write Has Topics
$hit A Cows Tripe

*waves hi to Jeff, Kibby, and Meanie*

*Belated (way belated) counterwave at MOTW*

[Miss ya here!]


*waves Blue's arm*

Shoddy reporting! They needed to tell us the brand of toaster. Oh well, it probably isn't being made any more. :)

I'll have you know we take toast very seriously here in Ipswich. Also, tea!

I know this is an older post, but I think it's still relevant... Ipswich has changed as far as news coverage goes, which seems to be a mostly recent change. If you live locally, it's a great move!

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