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December 31, 2007


...to all of you deranged (in a good way) members of this blog community. Here in Colorado we're going to celebrate by wearing traditional festive stupid headgear and trying to stay up until midnight, or at least 10 p.m., which is midnight in Miami. I hope all of you have at least as much fun. That should not be difficult.

Anyway, here's to you guys.



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My great and uncle used to live just off Colorado Blvd. I can remember jostling for position for a while one year then giving up and going back to watching it on TV at their place. Back when OJ was playing for USC. In any case, there's no need for the experience to be anything butt memorable.

I just realized that I never really answered the question - PB, BTW, I am a lifelong Eagle Rock resident and Sthnbelle -
Honestly =
I think that if you want to take the time to watch the parade wherever you are- my favorite place would be in the stands. The milling around at Orange Grove & Colorado almost always results in the hurt feelings of the folks who cannot see over the folks in front, is not worth it to me. And the influx of people who are not native to the viewing protocol, always results in bad feelings. Stay home and watch channel 5 - they have the best coverage - or if you must be there - partake of the stands. And next year, if you can take the time off, please, please, please - seriously - go to Bandfest ... This is the reason these kids get to march in the parade. Their half time shows will take your breath away, and what you see in the parade is them marching down the blvd. I SWEAR Pirateboy, if you do nothing else in your life - PLEASE go see these kids do the half time show that got them to Rose Parade. OK, enough commercial - and I am soooo sad, because we were too late to buy tix !

Diet Mtn Dew™

telecomdropout - I always wanted to ride a horse in the Rose Parade. Mostly because I was snowed in in NY at the time.
Small world, though - I rode color guard/drill team in the Highland Park 4th of July parade - very fun - jet black Morgan/Walker cross, black saddle, black hat, red rosettes on our black Western shirts. Plus Joshua, my horse, grabbed some fried chicken from a kid watching the parade. Yes, he ate it. He was a fur person. Good times.
Happy New Year, all.

OK, in my excitement of telling you about the bands, I neglected to say that, really - just watching them march down the street, was not enough.
They actually have a whole lot more to show, but you have to attend the events to learn their talents.

ok so why are we all making all of the trade™ mark™ thingies™ tonight™ ?

Happy New Year Central Zone Blogits!

Happy 2008 from the Central Time Zzzzone! I toast you all with my Welch's Sparkling White Grape Juice!

It's the mark™of the Happy New Year 2008™

OMG !!! Annie, you need to call me !! I grew up in the shadow of Occidental College, but mostly, I am a total native of SoCal - I was born at Kaiser Hollywood. You want a snapshot of life in So Cal ? You want Christmas/New Years/Easter/4th of July ????? I cannot beleive ANYONE knows about HP !!!

Looks like we're the last of the EST blogits mm™ Maybe we should pass the baton™ onto the others and retire.

yes, or perhaps we need Zorro to leave a mark...

ArcticAl - the best to you this year ! Much good cheer and love surround you !!

ArcticAl - the best to you this year ! Much good cheer and love surround you !!

Zip! Zap! Zap!

Beware the mark of Zorro!


Happy New Year Telecom! All the best to the west coast blogits.

Ducky, the wife, step-daughter and I all shared a drink of the Welch's to kick off the new year as well. Here's hoping 2008 is significantly less sucky for everyone in Blogland than last year.

Happy New Year Zorro, hiding out in ND!

Wow. 2008 starts out with Zorro showing up on the blog. This is gonna be a GREAT year.

Happy New Year ArcticAl, telecom, mm, and Doc Rick. Doc, you have superb taste in beverages.

Am I the only one who's drunk? OK! Hapoy New Year!

telecom - I used to have friends in Eagle Rock - lots of musical folk like Lucinda Williams and others. We'll have to talk some time off blog.

Happy New Year middle-coasters!

OK, it's geezer-thirty here, and the neighborhood fireworks have died down to a low roar. Time for me to flap off to bed. See y'all tomorrow.

Nighty-night! Sweet dreams!

goodnight all, then

ArcticAl, and everyone on the Blog -
They are calling this an "intervention" - they say this is for my mental good. They say I can only post this last message and then I must cease and desist. So let me say that I will be in close proximity, but unable to blog.
Happy New Year to all, and please know that I will miss you aNDS DGLFH;LFDHKGYUY]

The Martians have captured telecomdropout! All hands on deck! Prepare to repell boarders!

I'd offer to help, but it's officially the new year here now, and I'm nervous about freezin' my "blade" off ... IFKWIM ...

Thermometer here says it's 0.3 degrees (Fahrenheit) above Zero (not Zorro) ...

I'm almost convinced I'd rather be in Arizona ... next week ...

Back at home and a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone here. Here's to a better 2008 for all!

Dave and judi, thanks for inviting us all to your year long blog party!

cg, I've got my own bob...you did say byob, right?

Happy New Year, Siouxie! (We're still not over the line, yet, out here in su.so.ca.)

Happy New Year!!!

ssssshhhhhhh ...
ssssoooooo thanks ArcticAl, and maybe not so thanks, zorro, but again, I am being forced to sing and toast and do things I wouldn't ordinarily do ...
but I still wanted to make sure I sent good karma to you all and hope you will avail yourseves of all good wishes I feel for you all ...
Much love,
The west coast
ssssshhhhhhhh ...

ssssshhhhhhh ...
ssssoooooo thanks ArcticAl, and maybe not so thanks, zorro, but again, I am being forced to sing and toast and do things I wouldn't ordinarily do ...
but I still wanted to make sure I sent good karma to you all and hope you will avail yourseves of all good wishes I feel for you all ...
Much love,
The west coast
ssssshhhhhhhh ...

didn't need a double post, but who else cares at this point ????

Happy New Year to all.

Thanks to Dave and Judi for proividing us with humor and this place to share it, and the native Americans for showing us how to wrap tamales. Whoops, wrong holiday, but you get the drift.

Very cute photo, Dave.

Tcd - I wasn't born at that Kaiser but I've been there many times growing up. I'm a rare breed - a native Los Angeleno from before there were zip codes.

Happy new year! In California, it's only about 12:37.

Happy New Year

I hope everyone has had a great New Year's Eve!

If you are just hanging out and wanna do something silly, do what we are doing here:

Make Anagrams with your first and last name

Here are the silliest ones I got for my name:
Anal Wren Honks
Snake Lawn Horn
Hark Neon Lawns
Know A Hen Snarl
No Narwhals Ken

My husband's anagrams are even better:
Lawmakers Slinked
Adrenals Skew Milk
Awake Drink Smells
Karma Swelled Skin
Lewd Realm Ass Kink
Anal Meld Skew Risk

Hahaha! My Dad's name anagrams are the best:

Walked Ornery
Dorky Renewal
Wry Naked Lore
Ranked Yowler
Row Nerdy Lake
Redrawn Yokel

Eminent Gherkin is the best of mine.

Mot - *Snork!* That's a good one, haha! I wanted to do Dave Barry but it really needs more letters... do we know his middle name?

I knew if I fell asleep early, New Year would still get here...Happy 2008, all!

YAY!!!!!! It's 2008!!!!!!!!

*regards 2007 as just a bad dream*


*doing New Year's happy fun dance*

a happy new year all!! [we wore those head things too, at our party]..... its time to rip up the first several checks in your checkbooks until you remember to write 2008 . . . .

Happy good morning from the night before. (reminds self not to drink wine so late)

Time for coffee!

(whackstarts blog coffee maker, sets out French toast, strawberries & powdered sugar)

I went to high school in Pasadena, so I'm familiar with the Rose Parad hysteria festivities.

This year I'll be watching it in HD for the first time. I think it will be awesome!

Wow - you peeps get up EARLY !!! El, it was only 7:30 when you posted !!! If I hadn't heard the stealth bombers going over, I'd have still been in bed !
After my forced singing of Auld Lang Syne - and really, no one ever wants to hear THAT again - we had a bunch of chardonnay champagne and went to bed. We're sooooo Californian !
Happy New Year !!
Thanks, seriously, for all the laughs and whatever I so eloquently wrote above, while under the influence - you people rock my world !

Heinekin is great for celebrating.
I'm all for it, but I chose tequila.

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