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December 31, 2007


...to all of you deranged (in a good way) members of this blog community. Here in Colorado we're going to celebrate by wearing traditional festive stupid headgear and trying to stay up until midnight, or at least 10 p.m., which is midnight in Miami. I hope all of you have at least as much fun. That should not be difficult.

Anyway, here's to you guys.



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*Cheers to you and yours too Dave!*

Have a Happy one!!

Here's to ya tooo!

Dave, you're never gonna be president of the United States if you're doing product placements for foriegn


L'Chaim! Mazel Tov! Cheers! Blessed New Year! (I had to get it all in now in case I didn't make it until midnight.)

Happy New Year, y'all. Be careful out there, and have a better year next year.

D'oh! Don't click there, click hereyamonkee . . .

Happy New Year to you, too, Dave, and to everyone else in the blog community!!

I've already made my plans for 2008:


Can't wait! :-) Happy New Year and have joy, everyone!

Happy New Year to you, too, Dave, and Mrs. Blog and Sophie and judi and Walter and traditional festive stupid headgear and bloglits and Heinekens aplenty!

Let the election year commence, and may all Dave's chads be fully punched!

How did Dave get my hat?

Happy New Year, everyone!

Traditional New Year's activities for our household:

Eat Totino's pizza rolls and mini corn dogs, and drink sparkling grape juice.

Put coins on windowsill in the Lithuanian tradition (so you will never be without money in the new year).

Try to stay awake (kids never seem to have that problem but I do) and be glad if you recognize the singing talent featured on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

I'll definitely drink to that! Anyone have anything else to drink to? I'll drink to that too! Happy New Year everybody!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to Dave, Judy, and their families.... and all the bloglits and their families.

My wish for you all in 2008 is good health, good cheer & good fortune!

dave, you look lovley and remind me of...

lilrascal, this might also be appropriate.

Have a Happy, all!

Wishing you all a great 2008. Dave, glad to see you are not under an avalanche.

Go 'Noles! (Yes, we cheat in all aspects, except the actual playing of football where we need it the most.)

..update, were the Music Bowl referees borrowed from the Miami Dolphins? If not, they should be recruited ASAP.

Happy New Years everyone! Here's to a wonderful 2008! May you all be healthy and happy!

Mr. Howard and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary!

We will be renewing our vows, looking lovingly into each other eyes, making babies partying all night with our dear friends! Wooo Hoooo!

Dave be safe tonight and accutely aware of your sense of past and in particular smell

Happy New Year to all, and a special thank you to Dave and judi for keeping us out of the looney bin or jail entertained all year. :)

This is truly a special place. :)

Oh dear! There's a New Year's Eve crisis in Russia!


(someone please activate)

Trying to eliminate the strikeout was said to be sp@m. I'm sorry.

Take 2.

Happy New Year, Dave!

Great "Year in Review"!

Also, be warned: As you're in Colorado, you may not realize when midnight comes, conditioned as you are to the Miami ritual of greeting the new year with enough firepower to win the war on terror, the war on horror, and the war on extreme nervousness combined.

Good thing it's not midnight here yet. I'd hate to start the new year off an an html f&%k up.

Congrats, Cheryl! We renewed our vows for our 10th but all babies were already made and it was really nice.

*snork* at "war on extreme nervousness"

Here's a review of the html lesson given by Diva:

[a href="http://www.linkgoeshere.com"]words go here[/a]




Just use < and > instead of [ and ].

Oh - and ™ and ® are

& trade ;

& reg ;

without the spaces.

what!?!?!? no walter dressed for the party?! it's gonna be a sucky year, isn't it?


that thing your smoking has been known to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

(but only in california, so you're good to go)

Dave sort of looks like he's about to say "I'm a Pirate!" and then rise to tackle a Christmas tree.

Happy New Years, Bloggers! Anyone else up for meeting on-line here, and watching Dick Clark "not-age", live on ABC?

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! (also known as Happy New Year here in the Islands!)

BTW, DavCat, it looks like your link got cut off. That's why I didn't activate it, but I hope you can figure it out from the instructions. :-)


Happy New Year from crossgirl, NotSoShyJan, CJrun, and, of course, The Blog!


Take two.

And yes, I have apparently grown breasteses. [sorry about the link to some other random version]

gjd - I don't know what happened so I'm going to try again... and thanks for the tutorial, I hope this works!

First, here's something you blog guys might want to hurry and join:
New Years Day Ultimate Couch Potato Competition

And then there's this International Emergency:
New Years Eve Crisis in Russia

Awesome CJ! Too funny!

I've been hoping that someone would do the elf thing of Dave. *snork!*

disturbing on so many levels.

happy gnu leer, nude deer, two beer, whatever. who's tending bar?

"can't go to sleep or leave their recliners except for restroom breaks once every eight hours."

Well, I lose. I can't even sleep for eight hours w/o a potty break let alone NOT sleep OR potty.

"Moscow pet shops are reporting a run on rats, as keen astrologically-minded Russians snap them up ahead of the New Year, which is the Chinese Year of the Rat"

What in the world do they do before the Year of the Dragon???

(BTW, good job, DavCat!)

Happy, happy, happy New Year to all of the Blog !!!
You have given so much - laughs, love, support, inclusiveness - those of us who can only blog sporadically - THANK YOU !!! I know I speak for many of us "Blurkers" - your continued wit and wisdom has been a boon to us. Thanks to Dave, Judi, Mrs. Blog, Sophie, and of course, Walter ! May 2008 be the year of many happy wishes come true, many healthful miracles, and lots of prosperous employments to all.

Having grown up honoring other nationalities' New Years observances, I will now throw change onto my my windowsills in case our Lithuanian friends have this figured out. It's a new one to me, but I'll cover all bases. BRB

Happy New Year to you, too, Dave. Thanks for giving us deranged folks a blog community to be part of.

What happens if the dog eats the change that was sitting on the window sill?

Happy New Year, Dave.

I'm primarily a "lurker," but I love it here.

I resolve to get more involved in 2008. (I think I can handle that one pretty easily. :) )

Happy New Year, Dave & family, Judi, Walter, and all the deranged wonderful bloglits! I hope you all have a blessed and prosperous 2008. I resolve to continue blogging, and snorking, as much as possible in the new year.

AMEN...I visited and called a lot of friends and family today. My answer to "what are you doing New Year's Eve" is "Laundry". I married 3 years ago tonight, and it crashed and burned. Tonight, I'm just chillin. May you all have a fantastic 2008.

Happy 08, y'all.

Thank you, Dave and Judi, for your spirit and hospitality, and especially for all these friends I would otherwise not have.

Happy New Year to all of you who made this one great.

Lastly, Dave - do NOT inhale with that thing!

Happy New Year...Bueno Año Nuevo...something like that!

Cheers, everyone! :)

2007 started out with me lurking then "24" started and I couldn't resist joining in the fun. Happy New Year to all of you and your families! May 2008 bring much happiness and success in all of your endeavors. That being said, I need a beer. Who's tending the bar tonight? :)

Here, Rick, this one's on me.


Walter, Ridley, judi, and Dave!

Happy New Years Eve to you all. Some of us are hanging out at the Forum to celebrate at midnight CST. And some of us will still be there at midnight Left Coast time. :)
Thanks, Dave, judi, Mrs Blog, Sophie, and Walter. And Wanda, not Fred. :)

Thank you, Dave, for creating The Blog, and allowing me to hang out here with the rest of you wonderful people.

May the coming year be better than the one we've just had.

Happy New Year, everybody!

For Doc R.
Hey, it's the least I could do. I won the football pool today. For the season. Pony beers all 'round!

Hey, Shy. Be sure to check your starring role in my 7:54 post. Heh, heh.

Happy New Year! Thanks for starting my days off with a smile!

Happy New Years to all. I'm on GeeZer time and sleep beckons. It's close to ten, which is close enough to midnight to make it happy new year time.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Y'all be careful to imbibe legally.

I would like to borrow iggie's GeeZer Time, but I'm afraid of what the kids would do to the house...

Wow... that's a face for print.

Happy New Year to all y'all!

Same toast to y'all ... a week later ...

Love, Money, Health ... and the Time to Enjoy Them ...

Tnx Dave & family, judi, Walter ... and all the gang here, for all the laughs over the past year ... and the ones that will arrive in the next one ...

(Dave, we're in the same time zone, but I'm guessin' that you'll be awake later than anyone in our geezer household ... ski safely and good luck with the airlines on the way home ...)

Dave....how much do they pay you for "product placement" on this blog?
HAPPY.. sumthin' sumthin'

Labas, Wayne!

(That's Lithuanian for, "I just grabbed your coins, sucka!" Bwahaha!)

And gjd, I don't know about the dog, but considering all the coins we've put on the same window sill over the last 16 years, and how many are left, I think there are some birds around here feathering their own little nest egg, so to speak. Oooh! Something shiny!

Cheers, all! CJ, I'm drinking a "champagne" purchased in NC and (probably illegally) transported over many state lines to PA, but I'm sure enjoying it! Best wishes and hopes - may everyone's dreams come true in the New Year.

Thanks, Dave, judi, for all your humor and making this crazy world a tad bit funnier.

Safety and fun wishes for the Barry family, enjoy your skiing (if you don't freeze first) and come home safely (and quickly, hopefully).

Happy New Year all!

so the blog bar isn't open? it's byob? (that's bottle, girls)

uses secret key to get into liquor cabinet while everyone's distracted by shiny things.

This is my last post of 2007.

Once again, Happy New Year, and a big hug to lower case cg. *hugs*

cg, I just talked to my CG and he's home watching football and I'm home watching some stupid TV movie and wondering why it worked out that way, so I hear ya. :)

*zips out*

For those wanting a pre-New Years laugh:

Woot's Contest

passes el the bottle.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Dave! And Everybody, dammit!

Oooh cg and el, if you only lived closer - we could totally be freezing and uncomfortable at the Rose Parade tonight. We could be stamping our feet, waiting for the totally disgusting port-a-potties, looking for the warmest spot on Colorado Blvd. with the Santa Ana winds blowing, and the pan handlers asking us for our left overs - which are always pre-cooked, since we haven't been allowed to have hibachis or camp stoves since 1973. Don't let me start on stories about our sororities/fraternities having access to the corner of Orange Grove and Colorado Blvd. two days in advance. It does pay to be a geezer in SoCal - we have all the cool memories. We are also soooo glad that we have the urge to go to the parade out of our systems now - the "stealth bomber" now flies over our house on its way to the parade start, and we get a better view !

It's official, in Miami!

What time is it?

Hey, I just saw the blogses's confetti go by. BOOGER.

Ball is down in NYC...Happy New Year...

...and to all a good night!

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR- AULD LANG SYNE to my frieds on the East Coast !!!
Al the best in 2008 !!!!
W00T !!!!

Happy New Year east coast! Riding the "24" clock down to the last minute here in the CST. *Boop Beep Boop Beep*


Did Dick Clark drop in Times Square?

Happy New Year Everyone!!!! Thanks for all the laughs.

Seriously - we haven't even started here on the other coast and I am still mis-posting ! Doh !
Champagne, stat !!!

Telecomm: I'm a lifetime Southern Kalifornia pirate, and I've never been to the Rose Parade<&TRADE>. What can you really see up close and in-person, vs. seeing it warm and dry from the (Southern) Comfort of your own home? Is it worth the hassle?

thanks for thinking of us, telecom, but i'm pretty sure i'd have to pass. i'm enjoying watching the little one lighting festive things on fire while wearing only boxers and a silly hat.

So much for my attempt at using the &TM symbol...

cg, aren't you cold? I mean, the boxers and all.

Have Joy.

Happy New year one and all! Thanks for all the laughs and points to ponder.

PB™, steal one! :-)

I'm watching the Carson Daly version, and Alicia Keyes is singing. Which means Bob Dylan's Thunder On The Mountain is playing in my head. And I'm drinking a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. And wishing you all an great 2008. Life is good.

PB....just& trade ; without spaces.......as in
Pepsi & trade ;
but no spaces

PB....just& trade ; without spaces.......as in
Pepsi & trade ;
but no spaces

Yeah, an great one!

dances, no, the hat's really warm.

Wow, cg, I gotta get me one of those. :-) It seems to have stopped snowing here for the moment.

telecom, I never camped out, but watched the parade in person twice - once on the corner of Colorado and something - (right in front of the Wells Fargo, if that helps"), and once with actual bleacher seats - I must say, standing on the corner was more fun!! I'll be watching on TV tomorrow (Well, today) - wave to me!!

Pirate, El, cg, et al - you are officially missing NOTHING but the Cal Poly floats ! Seriously, we used to LIVE to be able to go the parade - and trust me - not for the camera coverage, because we never got any ! LOL ! We went as hi school students, because there was no real parental supervision, and we were able to scope out the local "talent", as it were. Not only were we able to freeze at our own silliness, one year, I was able to be damp all night, thanks to a SoCal drizzle, masquerading as "rain". It used to be a rite of passage for us Eagle Rock kids, as we lived only the other side of "Suicide Bridge", which was walking distance of the parade. Nowadays, this might be of more significance, but as kids of the '70's , we were mostly high and having fun ! Wish I could say that to the kids now, but I have to wait til they're older before I bring up the follies of our youth !

Diet Coke &TRADE for everyone!

happy new year to all bloggers & blurkers. anytime I could get enough bandwidth from the sand box, I "hustled" out to the barry blog to get enough smiles to get me through another day. thank you all for making my year just a bit easier. best wishes to all for a great new year, and pass just one more rum and coke......

Happy New Year, Dave, Judi and everyone here!

Now I can't even reply here! Nice to know the "New and Improved" 2008 bot practices the same (or better) degree of BotFoking that the previous model did! Happy Gnu Year, to the programmers out here! ;)

Happy 2008 to All.

ok - don't drink and post! sheesh.

nyredbug is AZRED! hic

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