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December 14, 2007


Crinkly the Ugly Swan has a girlfriend.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Can't wait for the story about the deformed bot mating with a chain saw.

Snork @ fivver.

And if Crinkly can find a mate, maybe there's hope....

Isn't a long neck the sign of a long....oh, forget it. You go, Crinkly!

If my recollection of Swan Lake is correct, that ugly duckling is in for a suprise. Not to be confused with the Ugly Duckling story where it turned out it was a swan. Oops, sorry for giving away the ending to The Ugly Duckling. If you haven't already read The Ugly Duckling, don't read past the first sentence.

JEC666, Rosebud was his sled.

"Hey. Could you help me out? I think I have a crick in my neck."

Med, I was thinking that too.

Scott, I also was thinking that he must give good neck. (that thing is ribbed).

ok...time to get my mind out of the gutter.

*reaches up and drags Siouxie back into gutter*

Nice to have some company around here, Mr. Hammie ;-)

(not gonna say it again..but I waved...back there somewhere). ok so I said it.

How's the little Ham doing?

Her name's Leda, right?

Not too bad. Surgery #2 is coming up on Tuesday and she's a bit nervous. Everything is healing OK, so things are pretty good, all things considered. Thanks for asking.

Today's my day off. I can either spend it cooking and cleaning for the party tonight


Trying to keep up with Dave who has obviously ordered the venti at St@rbucks.


i'm sure he has a great personality.

Sometimes you just have to try a different lake.

(((((((((Hammette))))))))) I hope she keeps getting better, Hammie.

sly, I had to hide the Cuban coffee this morning.

A second surgery, Hammie. Boo! :-( I hope all goes well! How old is the "Hamlet" if I may be so bold as to ask?

"They are flying in and out together and we do hope they will become mates."

I, for one, cannot wait to see how this romance develops. Maybe if they had a Crinkly Cam, like on the Bocken??

So much for natural selection.

DD, she's 23 and ornery.

Hopefully, it won't be too painful.

Arewethere - Strangely, the watering holes all look the same, full of crooked necked honkers tryin' to mate. ;-)

Shouldn't her name be "TacitErn?"

Hammie - ornery is good for surgery. She'll be a cranky patient and have a fine recovery. If she's anything like her dad. ;p

What is the job title of the person who watches them to see if they have become mates?

Make that "persons"; there must be a night shift, too, presumably with night-vision goggles among the supplies.

You asked, so.

What happens to shy guys (losers) not as fortunate as Crinkly?,a/>

Dan, that would be "Loser".




Oh yeah, this is spam. Type pad filter? Gets my IED running on high. (Intermittent Explosive Disorder)


Good, Hammie - Annie's right. And give her lots of hugs for us!

That was just one toke over the line, joker.

*SMACKS joker*

I just had LUNCH!


Good one, joker. Don't let it happen again.

What a heartwarming story! Gives new hope to C students everywhere (no, wait, that was Bush's line when elected President)...uh...

Another one falls for the ol' "big adam's apple" myth.

*Thwacks PypeTad in the adam's apple with a pool cue*

Honk if you like crooked necks


Honk if you're straight.

Wow-no honking. I guess what's good for the goose is good for the goose.

I pre-honked


Is that legal in Mijammi?
Who am I kidding. Of course it is.

Do you suppose Crinkly used a 'wing man'?

*hopes Crinkly's new friend is a straight female...for starters.*

*snork* @ ellie!

*Snork* @ Ellie.

Diva, did you intend the pun?

*adds a snork for Ellie*

*whacks the bot with the "holy severed leg"!*

Three snorks for Muster Mark Ellie.

(It's a physics joke)

Psysics?? I'm a poet!

being a southerner, I'm wandering what the shape of his gizzard is.....yummmmmmmmm

see, I can't even spell psysics physics

being a southerner, I'm wandering what the shape of his gizzard is.....yummmmmmmmm

A physics joke?!
Your pocket protector is showin'.

I post for the first time this week and get bot foked.....

Jazzzz is wandering and stuttering.

Ladies and gents! give it up for "The Crooked Gizzards"

CJ - that's also known as 'golf.'

Jazzzzieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! we've missed you! even the bot.

Actually James, I'm not sure you can even spell anything correctly." Thuartpeatrick" is traditionally spelled with two Qs.

And, while you technically wrote "Three quarks for Muster Mark," only physicists and Ellie actually quote it.

Hey Edgar?? your pocket protector is showin'!


Siouxie - ain't he wearin' it awful low for a pocket protector?

"Thuartpeatrick" is traditionally spelled with two Qs


You are one strange quark, Edgar. ;-)

hello lovelys ( and the guy's to) my mortgage banker is insisting I work.
I also wonder if you just stroked ol' Crinkly's head, his neck would straighten out.


now jazzz is wondering as he wanders. might be a song in there...

jazzz wandering... isn't that improvisation?

Hi, Jazzzzzzie!! :-) We can hit your mortgage banker at the same time we hit the bot, no questions asked. ;-)

Edgar - yes, I did. :-D

I'm off!

and YAY! my daughter is home for Christmas!! dad just picked her up and she'll be here for 3 weeks!


Hmmmm, I've never seen Peyronie's disease of the neck.

Layzee, I'm not sure what you just said but I'm purty sure I don't like the sound of it.

*SNORK* Layzee!!! It's a medical anomaly!

blurk, it's "wiggly willy" disease.

It's sorta like....well..if your pickle looks more like a banana.

so...like a gherkin...only more squirrelish.

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