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December 13, 2007


(Thanks to danceswithvowels and Peter Metrinko and Phil Snyder)


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Weebles wobble but they don't fall down

"during pregnancy, when the mass of the abdomen grows by nearly one-third"

Is that all? Apparently these people didn't see me when I was GREAT with child.


I don't want to hear ONE WORD about cow-tipping!!!!!

Wow! I'm glad I saw that warning from sly...
I was going to mention something about my pregnant wife sleeping ...
but I would never.

and WHO exactly was asking this thoughtful question anyway????? the persons doing that study should be nominated for an IG-Noble award.

I liked the discourse on beer guts and evolutionary theory.

*SNORK!* @ sly

Now that we have THAT figured out, can the great world of science do something about stretch marks during the gestational period?

Waitaminit! We're not supposed to drink when we're pregnant??


Some pregnant women don't tip because they're from Canada.

They don't tip over ... 15%,30%?

If you don't want to register with the nytimes, there's always this version of the same story.

They may not tip over, but, judging from my wife, they sure do moan, groan, grunt, and waddle a lot.


Shameful writing quote: ... men would not be as well adapted to a beer gut than a woman.

Where is Mr. Language Person when he is needed?

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