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December 27, 2007


...this is low.

(Thanks to Dave Miesen)


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I have to say that those rattlesnakes must be incredibly dense to fall for that.

From a linked story:
In the future, the researchers would like to improve their squirrel-bots enough to take them out into the field and test them in more natural settings, as well as build in other squirrel behaviors, such as sand or gravel tossing.

And transformer shorting?

To avoid the snake, you must become the snake.

Next, they will be surely be other snakey things, like becoming politicians who aren't Dave.




Third time is the charm, yeah?

*coughcoughcough* *mutters to himself, prettysurethiswasbloggedacoupleofweeks ago, omigod, judi'sgoingtobefiredagain

I'd just like to mention that Slithering Nemeses would be a great name for a rock band.

Private Charles Lamb? Is that you? I thought we transferred you out of this outfit.

Yeah! You remember. Short, curly haired guy?

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