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December 27, 2007


Hempstead bank robbery thwarted by conversation

(Thanks to Virginia Kellner)


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Botfocked is more like it. Someone please smack the bot, HARD.

Think the employee read the blog about dinner conversation?

He who said talk is cheap didn't know sh1t.

"Can I interest you in our low, low prime rate interest mortgage?"

For once the office gossip comes in handy! Banks everywhere will now put the water cooler at the front door.

Wasn't this a Bugs Bunny cartoon once? Maybe she could've said "what's up, doc?"

*Gets stuff ready to board the geezer bus.* (It seems to be making the rounds today.)

Priceless! This story strikes me as nothing less than a real-life Python sketch! I can picture Eric Idle dolled up as a prim greeter-lady at the bank entrance, Terry Jones as the would-be robber trying to make good his escape but delayed by the gabby Idle, and Graham Chapman showing up as the policeman doing his "'Ere, now, what's all this, then?" shtick.

Nookee - I was also thinking along Bugs Bunny lines, like when he dons the hairdresser getup and starts chatting to the monster while doing his fingernails.

Meanie, I was thinking about when the gangsters came into his house, and he hid the boss in the oven.

Looney MTA, it seems.

Another good reason why every customer within ten feet should be greeted...

When I worked at a convenience store chain called "Stop and Rob" one of our goals was to make every customer experience positive.

My comment was along the lines of "Should we offer a free fountain drink with every holdup?" I was sentenced to the audit crew that had to finish the shifts of clerks who had been robbed.

Meanie the Blue: It has long been my observation that almost everything odd or funny that happens in life can be traced back to a Monty Python skit. Or for the younger crowd, Seinfeld.

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